If you have ever wanted to

launch your own wholesale clothing

kids brand I have some 

ideas for you.

You might feel that it's a

daunting process to set

up and market your own

kids clothes brand, but 

keep in mind that every brand

name started out as an idea.

Sure, it can be challenging to

start up a brand and get traction

for it in the wholesale kids market,

but it can be done.

I should warn you 

that I have seen many

designers come and go,

so you really need to be

committed to the hard

work that it's going to entail.

Having said that, even the hardest

working kids clothing designer 

can fall short of her or his goals,

so be prepared for both a positive

and negative outcome.

I recommend that you

also be prepared for a positive

outcome since you should have

a plan in the event that your

brand really takes off.

You might suddenly

receive a really large

order from a department store

such as Macy's or Sears. You never know.

The following tips can

help you launch your

own wholesale children's label.

Tip #1

Focus on a niche that is not

currently being served efficiently,

or is not being served at all.

Tip #2

Select a name for your brand

that represents the theme 

for your clothes.

Tip #3

Connect with designers 

at fashion schools, this

way you can have designs

produced for you at a more

economical price than if you

hired a professional design firm.

Tip #4

Contact kids clothing factories

and obtain samples of their


Tip #5

Rent space in a showroom,

or in a wholesale fashion district

building, that is know for

children's apparel.

Tip #6

Introduce yourself to both

boutique owners and department 

store buyers.

Remember that no sale is too

small at the beginning, since your

goal is to get your kids wholesale

clothing into the market.

Tip #7

Develop a social media presence

on Facebook. Update it

on a regular basis.

Tip #8

Upload videos of your

wholesale kids clothing to YouTube.

Share these videos 

on your website and 

on your Facebook page.

Tip #9

Host fashion shows featuring your

apparel. You can host these shows

at boutiques, non profit organizations,

and at trade shows.

Tip #10

Give out samples to

wholesalers. This way the wholesalers

can make sales on your behalf.

Tip #11

Work with sales reps that 

know the kids clothing industry.

Tip #12

Set up an e-commerce website

to market and sell your clothing brand.

Tip #13

Open your own kids clothing store

dedicated to your brand.

You will have the opportunity

to publicize your brand while

making sales at the same time.

You will also be able to better

determine which styles and designs

are more popular.