You can import wholesale Calvin Klein dresses to Africa by connecting to
USA and European wholesalers, and to the brand itself.
Although you can also buy brand name dresses 
in Asia, you need to be especially careful
that they are authentic.
If your local market is saturated
with the same wholesale dresses, and you are looking to
expand by carrying Calvin Klein Dresses, there are
a few ways you can about doing so.

Before you actually start ordering the Calvin Klein dresses you will want to test out
local demand for the designer's fashion products
by showing your customers pictures of  the actual dresses, and if
possible, show them samples of what you are planning on selling.
Keep in mind that as in everywhere in the world, there
are different style preferences in different cities.

A boutique in Lagos might cater to different customer tastes
than a boutique in Abuja.
The same can be true for many cities in Africa, from
Kenya to South Africa to Zambia.

Since Calvin Klein is an internationally recognized
label, you should have an easier time selling
the dresses. 
But remember that  the styles are important, since you do not want to
be in a situation where even  though you might have a beautiful
selection, the styles are too conservative or  flashy for your
customer base. 
Whether it's due to cultural or religious norms, you need
to know which style of Calvin Dresses can work
in the city that you will be selling in.

You will also want to make sure that you
are purchasing the clothing at a wholesale cost
that allows you to resell the clothes
at a decent markup.

Your asking retail price will depend on the
demand and supply in your local market,
on the competition, and on the buying power
of shoppers.

The following tips can be used to starting
importing the dresses for your boutique.

Tip #1

Visit the New York Fashion District and look for
wholesale showrooms that carry Calvin Klein clothing.

Tip #2

You want to visit closeout warehouses like mine,
since they can carry department store overstock,
a category that can enable you to purchase brand name
dresses at below wholesale prices.

Tip #3

Contact the corporate offices of Calvin Klein directly
and set up an account through which you can
order clothing. The corporate office might
refer you to their licensed representative in
your country or region.
For example, they might be working with a
licensed representative that distributes
their merchandise in South Africa.
The corporate showroom is located at:

205 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018
Phone:(212) 719-2600

Tip #4

When you are ready to place your order you
contact freight forwarders that focus on
shipping to Arica. Their  shipping rates can be much lower than
UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and the USPS, especially if they focus on
your country or region. For example, freight  forwarders such as
Schenker, Express Air Freight, and Tropical Shipping all  offer
international shipping at reduced rates. Because the cost to ship
clothes  can represent a significant expense, the savings as a
result of utilizing the  services of a discount shipper can be
For example, although the shipping rates to Africa can fluctuate,
as of the writing of this article the rates that
Corporate Messengers offers to Nigeria are about a
third of what UPS charges.
And many of the freight forwarders ship to Africa on a freight
collect basis, giving you time to pay for the shipping at
your convenience when the order arrives at your shop.