So it's an early morning and you're thinking

about where you can find the wholesale brand name dresses

that you know your clients would love.

You have seen your competitors carrying 

a selection of brand name dresses at

really good prices, and you want to know

how you can do the same.

Or maybe you have heard your customers

expressing their desire to buy

brand name dresses by Tahari, R&M Richards,

and Calvin Klein, but you simply don't know where

to buy them for your store.

Or perhaps your customers are starting to

shop online and your store is missing out on

sales simply because you don't have the brand name

dresses that are widely available online.

So while you know what the solution is, 

and that is stocking brand name dresses, you don't

know how to go about locating wholesale

sources for them.

And I do understand that it can be a 

very challenging process to find

really good wholesale deals on dresses

by the top brand names.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

But don't worry, there are various ways

how you can source brand name dresses

by designers such as Guess, Rampage,

and Jones New York, and it's not as

difficult as you think it is, once you

know how to go about doing it.

For starters, let's understand 

one very basic principle about

the wholesale fashion business.

That principle is that fashion wholesalers

want to sell their merchandise as quickly as possible.

I know that might sound obvious but it is

important to know that for one reason.

When you understand that fashion wholesalers

want to avoid holding on to brand name dresses

for too long, you will understand that these

wholesalers are eager and happy to do

business with you.

The reason why dress wholesalers for instance

want to sell their dresses as fast as possible is

because they realize that styles and brands

experience different levels of popularity.

In other words, a wholesale Anne Klein

dress might currently be the hottest retail

seller, but next season it might not be in

demand at all.

So in order to mitigate the risk of

holding unwanted merchandise,

savvy wholesalers are willing to make

deals to sell their fashion inventory.

This knowledge should take away any

hesitancy that you might have in approaching

a fashion vendor.

So how do you find the sources for the

wholesale brand name dresses that you

want to carry in your boutique?

There are many routes to accomplish this.

#1. You can do directly to the brands.

Make a list of the brands that your customers

want dresses from.

For instance, let's say your

customers want Tally Taylor dresses.

You would then search for the contact information

for the corporate office of Tally Taylor. Once you

have that information you would call or email

Tally Taylor directly and set up an appointment 

with them. You can then see what dresses they

have available in person, or you can order 

through their website.

While this approach is a great option to buy wholesale dresses,

remember that you will be paying the 

full wholesale list price for the clothing.

On the other hand you will be able to

specify the exact colors, styles, and sizes

that you would like to order.

If you do use this approach you need to be

extra careful that the wholesale price

that you are paying for the dresses

allows you to still make a profit

when marking up your retail price.

You might be really excited about

being able to buy the latest dress

collection, but you need to make sure

that your customers can afford to

buy it from you as well.

Buying wholesale dresses

directly from a brand is 

usually the most expensive option.

#2. You can ask brands to refer you

to wholesalers that they work with.

You might be surprised by this option.

Why would you want to be referred to

a wholesaler when you can buy

directly from the brand?

Well it's a good question, and I will

explain why.

Often the brand will want you to

buy a certain amount, or a full 

range of colors and sizes of a given

model, when you want a different

quantity or selection.

For example, the brand might only fulfill

a wholesale order for Calvin Klein

dresses in 5 colors and 5 different sizes

for a specific model number.

But what if you don't want to purchase

all those colors or sizes, knowing that your

customers don't like certain colors or 

use certain sizes?

You would then be better off

buying from a wholesaler

that will allow you to

make your own exact selection,

even if you have to pay a slightly

higher price.

Once again, you have to do the math 

carefully to ensure that your wholesale

cost is not too high compared to

your realistic retail selling price.

#3. Purchase wholesale brand name

dresses from closeout warehouses

and closeout websites.

This is an interesting option that can work

for many dress boutiques, depending

on their customers.

A closeout warehouse or closeout website

will carry brand name dresses

at below wholesale prices.

Yes, if it's a genuine closeout business

then its prices should be below wholesale.

For example, my closeout business,, carries

brand name fashion at below wholesale


How is that possible?

Because the fashion merchandise is

primarily department store overstock,

and overstock from the brands.

In other words, I'll buy overstock from

department stores and from the brands

and wholesale it at below the original

wholesale list price.

Now while this might sound like the best 

option, I need to mention the reality

of how this works.

Since the dresses are overstock,

the selection will consist of

an assortment of different

brands, styles, colors, and sizes.

So while a boutique can purchase

a wholesale Nine West dress in my

closeout warehouse for only $19.99,

the selection of styles, colors, and 

sizes, will vary depending on the

shipment that I receive.

I believe that the reason why

retailers come from all over the world

to my New York closeout warehouse, or order

online, is because the opportunity

to buy a brand name dress at below wholesale

is rare, and is worth buying an assorted selection

at those prices as compared to

paying the full price for a full run of


And realistically, most retailers don't need

or want every single size in a dress from

0-24 in a single color.

That's why Marshalls has become so popular,

because it carries an assortment of

different merchandise that changes often

at discounted prices.

You can find many closeout businesses

by searching online, by using a 

wholesale search engine like, or

by visiting a wholesale fashion district

like the New York Garment Center.

#4. Visit discount retailers.

Many of my African customers,

whether they are from Nigeria,

Ghana, or elsewhere, visit 

discount stores to see what 

dresses are on sale.

While this option will not give you

the lowest wholesale prices, you

might find some brand name dresses

heavily discounted. If you think you

can sell those dresses at a profit,

then it might make sense to purchase them,

even though you are purchasing them

from a retailer, as opposed

to a wholesaler.

It's all a matter of

how much you

will pay for the dress.

I think the most important thing to

keep in mind is that at the end

of the day you need to buy

the wholesale brand name dresses

that your customers want to wear.

It's not just the price, style,

brand popularity, and so on

that matter the most.

What matters the most

is the wishes of your customers.

Those wishes ultimately need to 

guide your buying decisions.

At the same time I am

a firm believer that you

should take chances and introduce

a dress by a new brand that your

customers might not be familiar with.

If they like the dress you

can make a sale that you

might not have made otherwise.

The next time you are in New York

you are welcome to visit my

dress showroom, have a great day!