Many of my customers, whether they are

retailers or wholesalers, are 

looking for closeout deals

on brand name kids clothing.

Although there is a 

very big demand for brand name

kids clothing, retailers and wholesalers

understand that they will be

competing with department stores

and the brands when it comes

to buying and selling kids


A retailer needs to be competitive

with e-commerce retailers such

as Amazon, as well as with

all of the eBay sellers that

focus on kids clothing

on the giant auction website.

On the brick and mortar end

they need to compete

with department stores such

as Macy's and Sears, among many

others national chains,

that have a tremendous amount

of negotiating power when

they place their wholesale orders.

Wholesalers are also competing with

the brands, since the brands

are willing to set up accounts

with retailers and supply them

directly with their wholesale

kids clothing.

If a wholesaler wants

to supply wholesale Nike 

shirts to a kids boutique,

she is going to have to

find a way offer that boutique

a closeout deal that the

brand cannot or is not


So both retailers and wholesalers

have to find ways to purchase

kids clothing closeouts

so that they can pay below 

wholesale prices for their


Below are 5 ways how

stores and wholesale businesses

can find amazing closeout

deals on the kids merchandise

that they want to purchase.

Brand Name Kids Closeout Clothing Strategy #1

Contact the brands directly and

inquire if they have any closeouts

available. The brands might want to

move out a certain style that they

are having a hard time selling.

That style might be perfect

for your market.

For example Tommy Hilfiger

might have introduced

a line of wholesale toddler 

dresses for the United States

market, and the dresses

just didn't catch on in the USA

wholesale market.

Those Tommy Hilfiger toddler

dresses might be perfect

for your business if it's

located in Africa, the Caribbean,

Europe, Latin America, the Middle East

or in Asia.

Brand Name Kids Closeout Clothing Strategy #2

Inquire if a brand has any samples 

that they no longer need.

For example, Polo Ralph Lauren might

have a few boxes of kids clothing samples

that they were using to make sales

to department store buyers.

Now that the line is sold out

they will no longer need those


Brand Name Kids Closeout Clothing Strategy #3

Attend going out of business sales for kids

clothing stores. 

You should be proactive and

introduce yourself to kids

clothing shops, this way

they will contact you

when they are ready to 

close their shops.

Brand Name Kids Closeout Clothing Strategy #4

Purchase department store overstock

pallets of kids clothing.

You can find wholesale warehouses,

such as mine, that can supply you

with children's apparel pallets.

Brand Name Kids Closeout Clothing Strategy #5

Call up business auctioneers and ask

them to let you know the next

time they auction off any 

lots of wholesale kids clothing.

Many auctioneers have a

mail or email list that you

can join.

You are welcome to visit

my closeout warehouse the next time

you are in New York, or you

can place an order through my

closeout website!