One of the most innovative ways

to increase your wholesale dress

sales is by drop shipping them.

When most sellers think of

drop shipping they picture

selling other wholesalers' dresses.

I am sure you have

seen all those ads in wholesale

forums by drop shippers

that offer you access to

millions of products.

The challenge is that

many of these drop shippers

have so many online retailers

selling the same products

that the marketplace can

get very crowded.

This doesn't mean

that you can't successfully

sell a drop shipper's products,

but it does mean that you

should find a niche or

unique marketing angle

if you want to succeed.

The interesting thing is

that you can actually become

a drop shipper yourself

instead of simply selling another

drop shipper's merchandise.

What if instead of selling the

dresses of other wholesale suppliers,

a seller would have her dresses

sold by other sellers?

Let's start from the beginning.

Drop shipping refers to the process

of orders being fulfilled by a

wholesale source and sent directly

to the customer.

You would be surprised

at how many online retailers

actually pass on the

orders to the drop shippers.

Amazon often does this,

as well as many other established

and up and coming e-commerce 

fashion sites.

If you are a third party

seller on Amazon, and

ship your products

directly to the customers,

then essentially you

are a drop shipper for Amazon.

In the drop shipping process you

have three main players.

1) the owner of the

merchandise 2) the seller that solicits

and produces the sales 3) the customer

that makes the purchases.

It all starts with the seller finding a

wholesaler that she can represent.

She will then start marketing the

wholesaler's products, and pass

on the orders to the wholesaler

when she receives the payment

from the customer.

The seller will remit the payment 

for the goods and keep the difference

between the selling price and the

cost of the goods as her profit.

Now that you have a grasp on

how drop shipping works

I would like to take you

back to my original idea.

The idea is to purchase wholesale dresses

and then find other sellers

to market them to their customers.

In other words you

will become the drop shipper

working with other online


Why would you do this?

Well, you can only reach so many

customers on your own.

But if you enroll the assistance

of other sellers your reach 

can grow exponentially.

Imagine if you had 10

people marketing your dresses

for you.

Some of these sellers

would be marketing your

dresses on eBay,

while others would be

marketing clothes through

their own websites.

Each one of these sellers

will want to sell as many

dresses as possible,

so they will be using their

time and money to

find customers for your

dress merchandise.

They would be motivated to

market your dresses since

they will make money on

the sales, and they won't

have to be concerned with

packing and shipping the order out.

As the wholesaler you would

receive the addresses of the

customers from the sellers,

plus payments for the dresses

that they sold.

You would then have the dresses

packed and sent out to

their customers.

You can pack your

orders yourself,

hire employees

as you need them,

or use a third party fulfillment 


You can even do this internationally!

So how would you start?

First you would need to find

a wholesale source for 

dresses, preferably brand name

and designer ones, since the demand

is greater for well known

labels than for

private or generic brands.

You are welcome to purchase

brand name and designer 

merchandise from my

warehouse, or you

can search online for

additional sources.

Once you have purchased

a pallet of dresses you

can start reaching out to

potential sellers.

You can set up a website, or

set up a page on an already

existing website, to let

online retailers know about

your drop shipping services.

You can also promote your

business through Google and Facebook

ads, as well by reaching out to the

people that you are already doing business


If you decide to pursue this

business strategy I would

strongly recommend that you

make sure to always be

fully stocked with merchandise.

You want to keep a 

good reputation with your

online retailers by

ensuring that you

can always fulfill their


The best part about this

business strategy is that

the entrepreneurs you

work with will be 

marketing your products,

saving you from having to

spend money and effort

on finding new customers.

And it can be an ideal business

for the entrepreneurs 

since they won't

have to rent

warehouse space,

purchase merchandise, or 

hire employees to pack orders.

Having said that, every business

has its challenges and


But I have worked with

drop shippers, and have

been a drop shipper myself,

so I can tell you that

there is potential in

this business model.

You should try to

purchase the dresses

at below wholesale prices,

this way your sellers can

have the option to

sell wholesale as well

as retail.

They might decide to

target boutiques,

and not just shoppers

that want the dresses

for their personal use.

One of the best ways

to purchase a dress at

a below wholesale price is

by looking for closeouts from the

brands, department store overstock

pallets, and store returns.

Each of these categories 

has its pluses and minuses,

so make sure you

are familiar with the

type of dresses that you

will find in these categories.

An important tip that

I would like to share with

you is that you need to

know the needs of your

sellers' customers.

Although your sellers will

be doing the actual

marketing, you still

need to make sure that

you have the type of

dresses that their 

customers will want.

While this can be challenging

at the beginning, since you

might not know who your 

sellers are going to

be, once you do start working

with sellers you want to

ask them what kind of 

dresses their customers

are looking for.

Once you have this information

you can then contact 

dress suppliers that 

carry those types

of styles and brands,

and start offering them through

your drop shipping business.

Make sure that you and your sellers

have a good agreement

in place that deals with the 

issues that can arise, such

as returns, payment terms,

and product availability.

If you have any

questions, or if you

have experience in the

drop shipping business,

I would love to hear your


You are welcome to

visit my closeout warehouse

the next time you are in

New York.