The market for wholesale clothing for kids

has two major advantages over the

market for wholesale clothing for adults.

Kids are always growing, so parents

need to replace the clothing on a 

more frequent basis for their kids

than for themselves, and parents

are more likely to spend money

on their kids before they will

on themselves.

And while this is not distinct

to the kids clothing segment,

it's important to keep in

mind that parents have a 

preference for brand name apparel.

In my closeout company,

Closeout Explosion, I have

seen a preference among

customers for brands such

as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger,

Nike, Adidas, Guess, Disney,

among other internationally recognizable


Parents understand that the

quality of brand name apparel

is pretty high, and therefore

are willing to spend more

money on it than on generic


And in addition to the quality

advantage of branded clothes,

there is also the image appeal

of wearing clothes by popular


One of the best ways to profit

from the demand for wholesale kids

clothing is by becoming a distributor.

While selling directly to a customer

can be a great way to make money,

supplying to the stores

that deal with the customer

can also be a great way to make


A distributor essentially distributes

wholesale merchandise to sellers,

whether they are other wholesalers,

retailers, eBay sellers, Amazon sellers,

flea market vendors, exporters, or 


There are even distributors

that specialize in supplying

children's clothes to

government agencies

and to non profit organizations.

Think of the last time you

walked into a kids boutique,

or browsed through the kids

apparel listings on eBay.

All of those clothes had to

be supplied to the brick

and mortar and online sellers.

Sellers that focus on children's clothing

need a constant supply of wholesale apparel,

which is where the distributor comes in.

I can tell you from my

personal experience that

it is more difficult to source

brand name kids clothes

than it is to source

brand name adult clothes.

If you want to confirm

this for yourself just

visit the New York Garment District.

You will that the majority of

showrooms are dedicated

towards clothing for adults.

Retailers need the merchandise

that a distribution business

can source for them.

While a retailer might get lucky

and discover a great closeout on

her own, the key to success in

business is having a regular

supply of merchandise.

It's not just about that

one time purchase of

a lot wholesale DKNY girls dresses

at a closeout price, it's about

the steady supply of girls dresses

at a reasonable wholesale price.

Retailers will especially

want to purchase merchandise

that they can buy at 

below wholesale prices.

E-commerce has created competition

for everyone, so true closeout

prices are essential.

The role of the distributor is to source

the clothes, and then to supply it to

the sellers.

The key is for the distributor to

solve a challenge that a 

retailer might have in the

buying process.

While some sellers might have the time

and the resources to locate and purchase

large quantities of kids clothing,

most sellers would prefer to have

a distributor supply them with the

clothes that they need, and in the

quantities that they need the clothing in.

For instance, Calvin Klein might require

a minimum order of 100 pairs of boys jeans

to get the best possible price.

But a retailer might only need 12 pairs of

Calvin Klein boys jeans.

A distributor would purchase the 

100 pairs of kids Calvin Klein boys jeans,

supply the retailer with the 12 pairs

that he needs, and then distribute

the remaining 88 pairs of jeans to

his other retail accounts.

In order to accomplish

this, the distributor would

need to have a network

of wholesale buyers that

he can contact so that he

can sell the rest of his

inventory to.

In another example,

a wholesaler might

require stores to purchase

kids clothing by the pallet.

An individual flea market

vendor might not need

an entire pallet,

either because the quantity

of items is too big,

or the assortment of items

are not all suitable for the flea

market vendor.

For instance, a pallet

of kids products might

have Carter baby outfits,

Nike socks, Lego shirts,

and Polo Ralph Lauren 


The flea market vendor,

or any wholesale buyer for that

matter, might only need the 

Carter baby outfits, and

not the rest of the contents

of the pallet.

For that reason the flea market

vendor would not want to

purchase an entire pallet

of kids merchandise.

He only needs certain items from the


A distributor would purchase the

kids clothing pallet, open

and sort out the contents,

and then distribute the 

items to his different

customers based on their

selling needs.

The flea market vendor

would receive the Carter

baby outfits, an eBay seller

would receive the Nike socks,

and so on, until all the items

from the pallets are sold out.

In order for a distributor to

successfully build a kids

wholesale clothing business

he needs three main ingredients.

He needs access to merchandise,

the ability to purchase the merchandise,

and customers that he can supply

the merchandise to.

A distributor can locate merchandise

by walking around the New York Fashion district,

by visiting closeout warehouses,

and contacting factories that

specialize in children's clothing.

Next, he (or she) can set up

a wholesale children's website

and start advertising the site online

using Google Adwords, Facebook

ads, and YouTube ads.

Contacting retailers directly,

whether by calling or visiting

them, is an excellent way

to drum up business.

It's important that the

distributor should have a system

for accepting online inquiries

and compiling a database

of contacts.

This way he can follow up

with both wholesale buyers

and sellers as the need arises.

Finally, the most important

ingredient is communicating

effectively with his wholesale

and retail accounts.

He or she should contact 

potential customers and follow

up with them on a regular basis.

And just like it's important to

follow up with buyers, it is also

important that he should stay in touch

with sources of wholesale merchandise.

Just because a wholesale source

does not currently have any kids closeouts

doesn't mean that it won't have

a great deal the following week.

If you would like to start 

distributing kids clothing

please contact me, or

visit my warehouse,

and I will be happy to help you.