Creating a fashion event at your store

is a great way to attract prospective

and current customers.

People love attending fashion shows

since it gives them an opportunity

to see what new apparel, footwear,

handbags, and accessories, are

being introduced.

Fashion shows can inspire people

to buy the merchandise that you

sell. A fashion show puts people

in a fashion mood, which can lead

them to purchasing the items

which you have for sale.

A well run fashion show will inspire

as well as motivate shoppers. It should

give people ideas on how they can 

use the merchandise that you have

available to create an amazing image for


Your fashion show is basically a platform

that will draw in people to your shop

and get them excited about purchasing

fashion related merchandise.

The fashion show does not need to feature

only your products. You can feature

creations by up and coming as well as

established local designers.

Although you might not be selling their merchandise,

you can still benefit by showcasing their creations.

People want to attend fashion events that

feature beautiful products, so having their merchandise

on display can help you attract people.

You want your show to feature as many

different designers as possible since those designers

will attract people to your show.

You can have encourage designers to

participate in your show by 

letting them know that they

can receive added exposure

for their products.

As your fashion show grows in popularity

you can even charge designers and other

vendors for the opportunity to

display their merchandise.

You might even consider inviting

designers from other countries.

Designers are looking to reach as

many people as possible, and the

opportunity to reach people in another

country can be an amazing one

for an ambitious designer.

A designer in New York might

love the opportunity to sell her

couture dresses in Zambia,

while a Nigerian designer might

be excited about seeing her

elegant suits being displayed in

an American department store.

Fashion shows can be perfect venues

for designers that want to reach a clientele

that is serious about exploring new


You never know, you might get a

fashion powerhouse like Tahari to

participate in your show, it's up to you

to ask!

While it would be great to

have an international brand at your

show, remember that many seemingly

unknown designers have a following.

Their following might be comparatively

small, but their fans can still show up

to your show and become your customers.

You can still run a show even without

any outside designers, you would just focus

on the merchandise that you have

for sale.

In other words, you can create a fun

event where you simply display the

products that you have for sale in

a dynamic runway type setting.

Don't worry, you don't have to create

an actual runway, just decorate

your shop in a vibrant way.

You can hire local college students to

model the clothes and other related

items that you have.

Remember that the primary goal

of your show is to attract customers to your

store. Show attendees might make a purchase

right then, or return at a later date to

purchase merchandise from your shop.

Make sure that you have what to sell.

You might consider making special

closeout buys that you believe will

appeal to the people that will

be showing up to your event.

You can even ask designers, 

brands, wholesalers, and closeout suppliers,

if they have any special or unique

merchandise which you can

sell at your special occasion.

Even if you don't end up selling the 

merchandise at the show, you want your

store to look full so that people are impressed

and decide to return at a later date to do


Once you have selected a date for your

show and set up an itinerary, you want to

focus on promoting your fashion event.

If you can generate publicity in the media

you can literally get millions of dollars

worth of free publicity.

The power of the media is tremendous.

The same applies to social media.

If you write a really good article

about your event it can go

viral, which means that hundreds

of thousands of people can hear about

your event.

You can promote your event by:

1.- Sending out an email to your list of customers about

the show.

2.- Create an event for the show on Facebook.

3.- Send out a press release announcing the show.

4.- Post information about your show on your website.

5.- Write a blog post where you discuss the event that you have planned.

6.- Actively discuss your event on fashion related forums.

7.- Take pictures of your preparations and post them on Facebook.

8.- Make a video where you discuss the show. You can then

upload it on Facebook and YouTube, as well as put it up on your website.

9.- Contact fashion publications and websites and notify them about your event.

10.- List your event in the calendar of your local newspaper.

11.- Call your customers and tell them about it.

12.- Have flyers distributed in your neighborhood.

13.- Ask any designers and vendors that are participating to

let their contacts know about the event.

14.- Write an article about your event and share it on Facebook.

15.- Invite local businesses to participate in exchange for 

promoting your event to their customers.

If you want additional ideas on how to organize and

run a show, I would recommend that you

search for fashion show videos on YouTube.

Some of the top fashion shows are:

New York Fashion Week

Miami Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

One interesting idea would be to schedule your

show in conjunction with a major show that is taking

place near you. This way you can draw in people

that have travelled to attend it, and generate media

publicity from reporters that are looking for interesting

related stories.

You can even contact the show's organizers and find

out if they would be willing to help you promote your

show. You never know, they might even invite you

to participate in their show.