If you own a retail clothing store in New York, Lagos,

Kingston, or anywhere for that matter, or are looking to start one,

then it is very likely you are facing the headache of how to

source wholesale dresses (raw clothing or ready-made).

One of the best and most profitable places to begin

importing from is China, that is if you know how to.

With prestigious dress manufacturing firms like

Suzhou Leader Apparel Co., Ltd and Xiamen Kingxin Imp-Exp Trading Co., Ltd.

China can be a vast resource for wholesale dress buyers.

Many established fashion brands
have their dresses manufactured
in China.

As a side note, you might be surprised
to discover that there is still clothing produced
in the New York Garment District.

Fortunately in this article, we will be covering basically everything about the

process (buying wholesale dresses from China)

First things first, you need to understand “Good

work isn’t cheap, cheap work isn’t good”.

Even though China has a generally low production cost,

you can’t expect to find quality designer clothes at

extremely cheap rates on Chinese wholesale

websites like AliExpress. If you see a supposedly original

designer piece of clothing for something like $5, don’t be surprised

when you receive a fake or replica cloth item.

One thing is for sure, though - if you need

ridiculously cheap and quality dresses, you can’t get them in China.

Notwithstanding, you can still get different quality

and unique dresses in China.

Most wholesalers and designers gain a whole lot of

money by sourcing their products from China. 
With the right guidelines (listed below), you too can begin a blooming

clothing store and import your clothes from china.

Here are a few tips that will kick you off to begin

importing wholesale dresses from China:

- Understand the laws guiding importation in your region
The first thing you need to do is to discover if the law in your region allows

importation of dresses. Some countries have rules in place

against importing wholesale clothing items and proceeding to

import in these places will require custom officers to impound your goods.

Discover the taxes and duties attached
After ensuring the law is not against importing wholesale dresses,

you need to understand the different taxes and duties that will be

attributed with your goods before you clear them.

This will

give you an insight on your total budget and make the

whole importation process swift and easy.
Obtain the required permits and incenses
Apart from the laws, taxes, and duties; you also

need to find out if you will require any permits or licenses.

If you do, then you should get yours before proceeding to

import wholesale dresses from China.
Look for a supplier
Alibaba.com will be a pretty good place to begin your search

for a wholesale supplier. You will surely find numerous

wholesalers there, however; you need to be very cautious.

There are a lot of scammers and fake suppliers out there so

you need to research properly before dealing with anyone. A good idea

will be to use the buyer protection feature (on Alibaba.com) to keep yourself

from fraudsters.

Apart from Alibaba.com, you can also find

suppliers on other online directories like whitepages.com.

Visit China in person if you can
While the internet might be really useful, it might not

be sufficient if you’re searching for a supplier for the first time.

Nothing can be as good as meeting the suppliers in person,

sampling the product’s quality and negotiating physically.

This can even save you a whole lot of time and resources.

Search for a good price with a reasonable minimum order quantity
You should perform proper research and discover the different

prices each seller is offering. Prices of goods in China vary extensively

due to the fierce competition. For instance, a product worth $20 somewhere

can easily go for just $12 in another place.

However, you need to exercise

extreme caution so you won’t end up with poor quality products. Also

keep an eye out for the minimum order quantity from each supplier and go

for what you can easily afford.

Drop shipping
When buying wholesale dresses from China, a good idea to save money will

be the drop shipping option. In case you

don’t know, drop shipping service requires

the supplier to directly ship the products to

the buyer. You wouldn’t need to worry

about, shipping, sorting, employee and

storage costs with drop shipping.

All you have to do is focus on an optimal advertising and marketing plan.

Consider the free shipping option
Just a few suppliers will actually offer free shipping option.

While searching for a

supplier to work with, keep your eyes open for those offering

free shipping since it will help you save more.

Don’t commit to one supplier initially
As a beginner to the importing game, committing to a single supplier

is not wise. You should consider spreading your money out and

buying from up to three different suppliers at once. This will

give you the opportunity to assess the services of each supplier

and choose the best one for yourself. 

Try to get personal with your supplier
Developing a personal relationship with your suppliers will help your

importation business grow quickly and steadily. Don’t just communicate

with them on a general social network; also try to collect their personal

contact details like Skype or telephone number.

Get your storage ready before the goods arrive
After requesting for wholesale clothes from your supplier, the

immediate next thing to do is get the storage space ready upfront. A

good idea will be renting a warehouse or

some other similar storage space before the goods arrive.

Get your lawyer involved
To be on a completely safe side

(especially if you are investing a lot of money in the business)

consider involving a proficient lawyer. Your lawyer will help prepare

agreements and contracts that you and

the supplier have to sign in order to keep your investments safe.

Get insured
Importing generally is a quite risky business;

chances are you could get scammed or your goods

could be impounded among many other occurrences.

In order to keep your mind at rest and to

protect your business, consider getting an insurance cover.

There you have it; everything you need to grow

a successful wholesale dress importing business. With this

guide you can begin the business officially tomorrow;

just ensure you have read between the lines. Also,

keep in mind that even though buying can be a bit stressful;

it is just the beginning.

Buying is one thing, selling is something else entirely.

Keep in mind that while you

can buy authentic brand name

dresses from Chinese suppliers,

you need to ensure that you

have permission from the

brands before buying it.

There also trade shows that

take place where you can

meet representatives of

Chinese factories.

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