Just like any other business the purchase and sale of used clothes especially in bulk is a thriving industry. With an ever-increasing global population and wider income gap, most people cannot afford to purchase new clothes and therefore are only left with the option to buyer used ones. This does not in any way mean that there are substandard in quality but merely used and still in good condition.

Over the years Africa, Asia, and South America have been the biggest market while the developed nations have been the main source. With the west having a high consumer market driven by its high disposable income, many families and individuals are in a position to buy and dispose of a lot of clothes. This has created an opportunity for some companies to either buy or collect and export these clothes to these nations. The business of used clothes is not just in less developed nations as also in developed nations their many stores that buy and sell used clothes.

Businesses that deal in this sector organize and classify all collected clothes in a way which the buyer can easily select them. This classification depends on quality, gender, age and even market trends. Under this classification, there are able to set price as per the business policy which in most cases is not much. In addition sorting and storing becomes easier and buyers can select their preferred choice. Most businesses require that buyers make many orders at the same time but this should not worry you as prices are still low.

When buying used clothes it is obvious that buying them in bulk is cheap. Also important is for you to bear in mind that you should compare the different prices that are available in the market. This is important as like in any businesses the objective is to make a profit and so you must go for the deal with the highest return. If you will have to ship the clothes it is important to ensure that the business you are buying from can help in logistics issues.

The best way to identify the businesses that are offering the best prices is by searching online. This is actuary the norm as many of this business promote and sell these clothes online in order attract a wider market. Their many such businesses and so identifying one with the best deals is important to the success of your venture. Here are some of the best websites that you can buy used clothes in bulk:


It has some of the most favorable prices and a wide collection of clothes to choose from. It focuses on streamlining the whole buying process by offering logistic service and can ship to major ship ports around the world. 


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Global clothing industries sell clothes to over 40 countries and have built a reputation of being reliable and selling quality products. Selling in wholesale everything from clothes to shoes you are guaranteed of finding what you are looking for.


It is a well establish business with a track record that can be trusted. They export to Asia, African and South America.


Offer a wide collection of the latest trend in the market and serve most parts of the world.