Trade shows are excellent venues

to purchase closeouts at.

Vendors set up booths at the

trade shows with the specific

intention of doing business.

While not every vendor is there

with the specific intention

to sell merchandise right then, they

will be happy to do so if they

have the opportunity.

Although there will be vendors at

a trade show that might not

be in the business of buying

and selling closeout merchandise,

they can still point you in the right


These vendors can have connections

that do buy and sell closeouts.

For example, let's say you go

to the Las Vegas ASD show

and walk around the hall.

You will see vendors such

as wholesalers and closeout

suppliers, but you might

also find vendors such as

shipping companies.

Shipping companies that 

serve the wholesale and

closeout industry will be

very well connected.

They will know the 

suppliers and buyers for

all different types of merchandise.

A shipping company executive

might tell you about a great closeout

warehouse that his trucks 

pick up pallets from.

Or one of his customers might

have asked him if knows

any buyers for the type

of merchandise that he carries.

Your aim at a trade show should

be to introduce yourself to

as many people as you can.

You want to network with

wholesale suppliers

and the vendors that support the


If you meet the owner

of a public storage facility

you should ask him if he

knows of any his tenants

that might have some

really good closeout merchandise.

At minimum, make sure to

exchange business cards with

as many people as you can at the show,

from visitors to suppliers to

vendors to the actual people

running the show.

The show organizers will

be very familiar with the

vendors and they will be

able to refer you to the right


The organizers will have a list

of all the vendors which should

include information as to

what type of products

they have for sale.

While you should follow up

with all your connections after the

show, you can also try to make

deals right then and there.

Many suppliers will bring merchandise

with them to the show. The

merchandise might consist

of items that were specifically

brought to the convention hall

in order to be sold to

retailers, or it can consist of


If it's merchandise that is meant 

to be sold then you can actually

make a deal right then.

If the merchandise is meant to be

used as samples you can

let the vendor know

that you are willing to buy

it after the show.

The vendor should be happy to

sell you his samples since

he will not have to pay to

transport them back, or

at minimum take the time

to pack them up and bring them

back to his warehouse.

I once went to a fashion jewelry

supplier's warehouse and

made a deal to buy boxes and

boxes of his jewelry samples.

I purchased over 10,000 pieces

of fashion jewelry that he

would take with him to trade shows

to show potential buyers.

Since I purchased those

samples at a really low closeout

price, I was able to resell

the jewelry to my customers at

substantially less than the

wholesaler regularly charges

for his merchandise.

I would recommend that when

you speak to the suppliers

at the trade show you make

sure to ask them what merchandise

they have available, and be

specific in mentioning

that you are looking for closeouts.

The suppliers might have closeout

merchandise that is separate from

their main product lines.

You want to make the suppliers

aware that you are looking

for all types of closeout

merchandise, not just

the specific product lines

that they specialize in.

A dress wholesaler

can have a selection of

women's brand name suits

because he had

an opportunity to buy

a closeout deal.

I have purchased many

closeouts that wholesalers

decided to take a chance on.


can be offered closeout deals

for merchandise that they normally

do not deal with.

What happens often is that

wholesalers will take a chance

on those offers but then

struggle to sell the merchandise

that they bought.

If a wholesaler that is struggling to

sell closeout merchandise receives

a fair offer for it he will be willing

to sell it.

And depending on how eager the

wholesaler is to sell the merchandise,

you might even be able to buy it from him

for less than he paid for it.

But remember, to find those 

opportunities you have to actively

get the word out that you

are a serious buyer for 

closeout products.

If you want to be seen 

as a serious buyer you

have to be ready to

buy merchandise when you

are given a really good deal.

Wholesalers will

only take you seriously

if you make a purchase

when you are offered a super good

closeout deal. 

This does not mean that you

have to buy every good

deal that is offered to you.

It does mean that if you

want to be seen as a ready buyer

you actually have to be a buyer.

Sometimes it can be worthwhile

to take a chance and buy a

closeout deal from a seller just

to establish a good relationship

with the supplier.

Another advantage to actually

buying closeout deals is 

that you will develop a

good name in the industry.

Vendors will start seeking you

out when they have merchandise for

sale, since they will know that you

are serious about buying.

I have received many closeout

offers that came from sellers that

heard about me from other

people that I had done business with.

Another strategy you can 

implement at a trade show

is to set up a booth

with a sign that states

that you are looking to

purchase merchandise.

Your booth can be seen by

both attendees and vendors,

so even a retailer

that has a closeout of inventory

can approach you

and offer merchandise to you.

Keep in mind that you don't

need to just buy

products from suppliers,

you can also buy wholesale

goods from retailers

that are looking to liquidate

their unsold products.

When buying closeouts

at trade shows you

want to negotiate assertively,

but professionally.

You want to get good deals while

still maintaining good

business relationships.

Before you agree to 

purchase any merchandise

do your research.

You want to ensure that you

are purchasing the right

type of merchandise that your

customers want to buy.

You might decide to take

a chance on a new product,

which is fine, but you should

still reach out to your

customers to see if they

might be interested

in that product.

It is also important to

see how much the closeout products

are regularly sold

for by retailers in your market.

You want to determine that

in fact you are getting a 

good deal, so you will

want to know the 

actual wholesale and retail

prices of those products.

Once you have made a deal

try to close the transaction

as soon as possible since you

don't want the vendor

to either change his mind,

or sell the merchandise to

another buyer.

Trade shows are an 

excellent venue for

both doing business

and making connections,

take advantage of them.