Although most closeout merchandise is
purchased directly from wholesalers,
sellers can also purchase closeout
merchandise directly from retailers.

You might be surprised to read this,
but in a few minutes I'll explain to why
this is, and how you can start
purchasing closeout merchandise directly
from stores.

Traditionally, the retail landscape was
dominated by mom and pop shops
that purchased a very limited
amount of wholesale inventory
based on the needs of their

A kids clothing shop in Trinidad
might have ordered
12 pairs of Polo Ralph Lauren
boys jeans, 6 Tommy Hilfiger
baby outfits, and 10 Nike shorts.

A dress store in Manhattan
might have ordered a
specific Calvin Klein
dress in size 12 for
a client.

Shop owners would order
specific wholesale clothes
based on conversations
that they had with their shoppers.

The same retail buying process
took place in clothing shops in New
York, Lagos, Monterrey, Port of Prince,
and in other cities.

And this was not limited to
just the retail clothing sector,
it took place in pretty much
every retail consumer segment.

But now many of those mom and pop
stores have been replaced by national discount
chains and department stores such as,
Macy's, Dillard's, Foot Locker, Marshalls,
Walmart, among many other mega retailers.

And there is also the ever present 
competitive presence of e-commerce
retailers such as Amazon,,
and eBay.

In other words, many of the
small stores have been replaced
in the retail landscape with
gigantic retail companies.

What this practically means is
that these online and offline
retailers are not purchasing
limited quantities based
on very specific needs,
but are buying in tremendous volume
based on their analyses of the

In reality, department stores
like Sears and discount retail chains like
Ross, among others, need to constantly
purchase a great deal of merchandise since
they want to attract shoppers
and stay competitive.

The last thing any major retailer
wants is to be out of stock
of a popular item, or for their
store to be perceived as being

Shoppers have many options for where
to purchase their fashion, so every retailer
needs to work hard to attract and
keep shoppers.

The high degree of wholesale buying
by these megalith retailers
means that naturally there will
also be a great deal of closeout inventory
available on the market.

And let's not forget all of the corporate
brand owned stores by companies
such as Nike, Ralph Lauren,
Guess, Calvin Klein, Coach, 
Tahari, and others.

For instance, Ralph Lauren
is not only producing 
Polo dress shirts for its
retail accounts, but it
also producing the Polo dress
shirts for its own corporate

There is so much merchandise
being produced that it cannot
all be sold through the 
full price retail channels.

That is why you see so many
brand name stores in outlet locations such as
at the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Even with the outlet stores, there is
still a massive quantity of unsold
brand name merchandise that
needs to be liquidated,
and many of it is sold as closeouts.

As a retail or wholesale seller,
whether you have a 
dress shop in Brooklyn,
a suit store in Abuja,
an flea market booth in Port of Spain,
an eBay business in Miami,
or an Amazon seller's account
in Toronto, you can gain
access to some amazing below
wholesale priced closeout deals.

It can be challenging to find
authentic brand name
closeout merchandise,
but when you do it can be
a potential goldmine.

So how would you find
some of these closeout deals?

You can actually buy
closeout merchandise directly
from retailers.

One way to purchase
closeout inventory directly
from retailers is by contacting their corporate
offices and asking them if they
are selling their unsold merchandise
by the pallet.

Another approach, and
I have seen many eBay and Amazon sellers
do this, is by visiting the stores
of these retailers and checking out
their clearance sales.

Many times the clearance sales will
have merchandise priced so low
that essentially you are buying the
merchandise at super closeout prices.

You can use your smartphone to
see what the potential resale 
price is of any item, and if you
can resell the item at a profit
it could make sense to buy it.

For example, let's say you go
to Burlington Coat Factory
and see a Nine West dress at
with a clearance price of

If you search online and see
that you can resell that Nine West
dress on eBay for 59.99
it could make sense for you to
buy it.

Or, if you have your own dress
store and can resell the 
Nine West dress for more
than the clearance price
it could also make 
sense for you to buy it.

Keep in mind
that a brand can make
different quality
merchandise for different
retail channels.

I read an article that
stated that the brand name
apparel found in Marshalls
is not the same quality
as what is found in Macy's.

Another thing to keep in
mind is that you have to be
aware of impulse buying
based on low closeout prices.

While a below wholesale
price can give you a
great margin, be careful that you
are not making your buying
decisions exclusively based
on the price of the item.

It is important to
purchase closeout products
that you are confident that you can
sell to your

Yes, you can take
a chance on a low priced product
that you usually don't carry if you
feel that you might
be able to resell the closeout
product, but it can make more
sense to purchase a closeout that
is priced slightly higher if you
are sure that your customers
will want to buy it from you.

Another reason to buy closeouts
from retailers is to use them
as marketing tools.

For instance, let's say you
purchase a closeout kids pallet
from Target.

You can then use the contents
of the kids pallet as giveaways 
to attract shoppers that 
hopefully will purchase the
other merchandise that you
have for sale in your shop or
fashion website.

One important tip when
shopping at retail chains
is to ask to speak to
the manager.

The store manager might
be able to give you an even
lower price on a selection
of closeout inventory that 
the store would like to move out.

In general, you should be
always looking at the circulars
that are in your local newspaper,
as well sales that are taking place

By constantly keeping tabs on
different sales you will be
able to spot any amazing
closeout deals that might
give you the opportunity to
effectively buy merchandise at
below wholesale prices.

If you would like to start purchasing
closeout merchandise at below
wholesale prices you are
welcome to visit my Brooklyn
closeout warehouse.

I specialize in department store
overstock and brand name closeout