You can build customer loyalty by focusing on developing
relationships with your customers, and remembering that people
prefer to purchase from those they personally like.

Customers share some commonalities that you, the retailer, would
benefit from knowing.  Give them what they want, and they'll become
the loyal, life-time customers that make your business prosper.

The better you treat your customers, the more they will want to
patronize your business.

Forget About Selling... Put The Emphasis On Buying.

Give your customers as much information as possible, this way they
can make the best buying decision as possible. People want to know
that they are buying from you because your products match their
needs, and not because a salesperson convinced them to.

Really, when a person walks into your closeout business, or visits
your fashion web site, they are most likely thinking of making a purchase
before they get there.  You don't have to persuade them to buy.
You can take it easy, and simply help them decide what the best
purchase is.

Keep your focus on the customer and his needs.  Think... what
benefits would he be most interested in?  What is the price range
he can afford?  Basically, keep in mind that you are there to serve
his needs, not persuade him.  Ah, the pressure's off!
If a customer is in the market for a 
Calvin Klein dress, and you have a
nice selection available of Calvin Klein
dresses, then there is no need to push.

Let customers know what your return policy is, this way they can
confidently and securely purchase from you.

Make the transaction as easy and seamless as possible. Whether you
sell at a flea market, from a high end boutique, or eBay store, guide
the customer through every step of the process.

Remember, there is no substitute for great merchandise, which is
why I always offer my customers high quality brand name products at
below wholesale prices.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me
supply you with wholesale and closeout merchandise, please take a
look at one of my exciting below wholesale closeout deals.
And at the foundation of customer building loyalty 
has to be having high quality in demand wholesale

The more success your customers have reselling your
merchandise, the more likely they are to purchase
more wholesale merchandise from you.

I strongly recommend focusing on
brand name and designer products.