Social media can explode your wholesale product

sales. Social media is an industry that is so

effective at promotion that international companies

use it for marketing purposes. The primary

reason why social media is so powerful is

because it's based on the human need for

communicating and discovering information.

Social media is based on the same human nature

that has allowed us to build cities from scratch,

and motivates us to form and belong to 


To understand why social media can help

you sell your wholesale product sales

you first have to understand that 

social media is based on the need

that people have to improve their lives.

Yes, people are on social media

because they like communicating their

achievements with others, as well as discovering

fascinating and interesting information.

But it is all based on the premise that

we all want to improve our lives.

When we share and exchange information

with each other, we are doing it

because we are looking to fill a desire

and achieve results.

If you keep this in mind you will

start to see why social media

is such a powerful mechanism for

selling wholesale products.

People want to know about

products that can help them

and will be eager to share

information on products that

have helped them improve their lives.

The basic premise of your social

media wholesale product marketing

should be based on explaining how

your merchandise can help

improve people's lives.

If you sell wholesale designer handbags

you can explain the personal and professional

benefits that a woman can enjoy

when carrying a designer label bag

by Coach, or by

another high end designer label.

Even simply desiring entertainment

is an attempt to improve one's life,

since being happy is a major goal for many.

So you can entertain people

while making your sales pitches,

this way people using social

media will be receptive to

reading your posts.

So remember what your main objective

is when using social media, and that is

to educate prospective customers

to the benefits of your products.

There are advantages to marketing using social

media that are not available when you use

other traditional marketing channels.

Social media creates endorsements from

customers which are then seen by their friends

and relatives. People are more apt to

purchase products which their friends

and relatives have used and liked. When one

of your customers purchases a wholesale

Tahari dress from you and writes a

post about how they are with the dress,

and their friends and relatives

see how much they enjoyed wearing the dress,

their friends and relatives will pay more

attention than when they simply see an

ad online for that same Tahari dress.

Social media also has the potential for

creating viral publicity for your

wholesale products. Let's say you create

a really funny post that includes your wholesale

products. People see the post, and because they

find it so entertaining they decide to share it

with their friends, who then share it with their

friends, who then share it with their friends, and so on.

In a short period of time you can literally

have hundreds of thousands of people

seeing your post that features your

wholesale merchandise.

When creating a post or video

you want to keep in mind what the interests

of your audience are. Are they interested in being

entertained or are they looking for practical

information? What demographic are they in?

What are their needs?

I am sure you can see that selling wholesale

dresses to college students requires

a different type of message than if you

are selling baby dresses to mothers.

One of the most important initial steps

that you need to take is to develop

a good relationship with your audience.

You never want to simply start selling

since that is not what social media is about.

It's about forming genuine connections

with people, just like you would in your

daily life. And just like in your daily life

you share with people what you do for a living,

you would also let people know online about

your merchandise.

And just like in your daily life you have a 

personality, you will want to use that same

personality online. People can tell

when you are being real with them,

so it's important to always keep it 


At the same time remember that your

goal is to sell your wholesale fashion,

which is okay, since 

every business owner has the same goal,

whether they are a real estate agent letting their

neighbors know what they do, or a 

lawyer letting her friends know about the

kind of work that she does.

I would say that the biggest difference between

social media marketing and all other marketing channels

is the expectation of a consumer.

When it comes to social media people expect to

discover something insightful, interesting, or entertaining.

While people might look at an ad in their local

newspaper to see what's on sale that week, when it comes

to social media they are looking to make discoveries

that will improve their lives.

I really think this is a point worth repeating and

clarifying. I would urge you to consider

the core reason why anyone uses Facebook.

It's because they want more and better 

opportunities, whether they are work, social,

or business related.

If you want to explode your wholesale product

sales your marketing messages need to

be based on this premise.

So how can social media catapult your

business to a higher stratosphere?

By creating messages that inform, excite,

and entertain.

And the better they are, the better of

a chance you will have that those messages

can go viral.

Remember, those messages can consist

of text, pictures, memes, videos, or news type

articles. It's completely up to you. Just make

sure that your messages are consistent with the

audience that you are communicating with.

There are many opportunities online for

implementing these strategies, such as

writing posts on Facebook, creating videos

on YouTube and sharing them with your customers,

responding to product questions on message boards,

writing informative articles online, and 

sharing interesting news articles regarding

your industry.