H and J Liquidators and Closeouts is a worldwide wholesale distribution and liquidators company that services businesses with merchandise on demand. 

The H and J closeout company has been in business for the last 30 years. 

Their main offices are situated in Des Plaines Illinois, where they store and keep their merchandise. The company is not only famous for for wholesale distribution, but also for buying overstock inventory from retailers. It is a company that deals with a wide range of merchandise ranging from jewelry, office and pet supply goods, housewares, health and beauty products, dollar store products, gifts etc.

They provide inventory to big box stores, flea markets, local retailers and dollar store merchandise. They help businesses in time of inventory growth growth by bulk purchases and sale of other wholesale products. They help businesses pick out the right closeout products for their customers and stock their shelves by providing them with the right information and competitive prices.

The company also have discount coupons on offer starting this January. This offer is aimed at helping customers find discounts in the form of coupon codes. 

They track the discount codes on twitter and organize them by most popular tweets or retweets and most feed-backs from their editors. I have listed some of their merchandises on offer sale below:

1. Beaute English LavenderCaddy Bath Set.
This is a wire caddy with both liquid and hard soap and hand lotion that conveniences your hand washing by keeping the bath products organized. It is essential for every modern house set up. One piece goes for $6.00 and a set for $72.00. one case contains 12 pieces.

2. Lumateq LED Post - Mounted Security Light, 6 Watt white.
This LED security light goes for $12.00 a piece and $72.00 a set. A set has 6 pieces. It is an LL51 - WHA - 110 - 00 security and architectural light. It is a division of TACO metals equipped with a 6 watt LED to replace a 60 - 100 watt flood lamp.

3. Skribble Sak - Chalk Markers Orange and white (six pack)
This product easily draws attention by its fluorescent liquid chalk colors. It goes for only $1.00 a piece and a set for $48.00. A set has 48 pieces. The fine tip is perfect for all types of chalkboards and dry erase products. It is non toxic and can be used on non- porous surfaces.

4. Isle of Dreams Octagonal Metal Tin- Large.
This octagonal box is particularly nice for packing cookies. A piece will go for $2.25 and a case for $72.00 with 32 pieces. Every tin in the case is 6.25" wide and 2.5" high with words like "ocean Breeze" or "Glamorous Sunset" on the sides.

5. Duraskin Moisturizing foot Socks
This special sock is equipped with moisturizing weave to soothe rough calloused feet. It is going for only $0.50 a pair and $50.00 a case consisting of 100 pairs. The sock is 95% cotton and can be machine washed. Its a free size and can be worn by anybody.

6. Closeout pallet of different Assorted Merchandise 
This product is especially suitable for the flea market and stores with dump sales. Each box has multiple brand new first quality products that are not packaged but in a box such as promotional keychains, journals, office supplies etc. The price per box is $400.

7. Coca Cola Retro WoodHanging Ornament - Item #4930 - 23
This Christmas holiday ornament from coca cola wooden collection comes with a Santa bottle cap and is sure nostalgic for every coke collector. It makes a very nice gift for only $2.00 a piece and $48.00 per case containing 24 pieces.

8. A Hanukkah Tradition "The Story of Fanukkah"Toys for BoysBook Set - Blue
This gift set consists of a Fanukkah 13' Boy Doll with a fully illustrated 24 page story book and a pink backpack. The book and the doll are safely kept in the box until the Hanukkah season. It goes for $8.00 per piece and a case for $96.00 with 12 pieces.

9. 30 Assorted pens, each case with 1,000 pens
These misprinted pens are pre- printed with new exiting logos on them. This assortment of pens consists of flashlight pens, retractable pens, stylus pens, gel pens, cap pens and many more. they make excellent gifts. The price per piece is $0.05 and a set for $50.00. each set has 1,000 pens.

10. Westar Black Outdoor lantern Light Post
These are very common outdoor accessories. Apart from being a romantic connotation and nice to look at, this black cast aluminum lantern has six glass widows and is perfect for your lawn. Each case has one piece going for $35.00.

11. Leatherettes Slim wallets for Ladies# 31236B - Black
This product is on offer for retail at $23.95. This wallet is only a half inch thick but has a lot of compartments for a neat organization of things. It is stylish and convenient with a clear sleeve for identification picture and three compartments for receipts or cash. It has a push button clasp that makes it easy to open and close. The price per piece is $3.00 and a case will go for $36.00. Each case has 12 pieces.

12. Booney Bright Orange Hats For Men- Ventilated
This product is made for men who work under the sun. It is 100% polyester. They are ranger style hats that keeps the wearer visible especially those who work in busy roads and keeps their eyes protected from the sun. It has a wide brim with vents that helps keep the workers cool while working. Each one piece is going for $1.25 and a case consisting of 50 pieces going for $62.50.

13. Body Clensing system. Includes 8 washcloths.
A piece of this product will go for $1.00 and a set with 48 pieces goes for $48.00. This product feature 8 disposable washcloths. The washcloths are Aloe Vera enriched to condition and sooth skin and are alcohol free. The pack has a re-sealable label that keeps the unused cloths moisturized.

When they offer products by the case instead of by the pallet, the Closeouts company offers professional customer services and products that allows businesses to distribute products to all their customers in good time. With prices starting as low as $0.10, the company is the best choice for businesses that demand growing for the low prices will allow them to buy more items at very affordable prices. The company has also the best customer reviews for a period of time now. Any business looking to buy, sell or increase their inventory should consider this company as their first choice.