The sign of being a good handbag does not only lie on its aesthetics. It should also cling to your five senses. A good handbag brightens up your eyes at first sight. The crisp smell from the fresh fabric should excite you and bring back good memories. The texture should make you feel comfortable. Buying a handbag is a personal experience. It is something that you bring wherever you go. It should not feel like a burden to carry. Moreover, the inside of your bag should be strong enough to carry your things. There should be a balance between being beautiful and strong. The feminine touch exterior and its simplicity make a handbag extra classy. Gucci is the epitome of being sophisticated without being boring. It is fun but not cheesy. The vibrant colors of the handbags give each owner a special glow.

They have a variety of collections to choose from. You can choose from their classic Red and Green, GG , Bamboo , Cat lock, Marmont, Python or Crocodile bags. Each design uses a fun nature filled approach. Some bags tease with retro fun vibe while other bags provide monotone simplicity. Whether you are European, Asian, Australian, African or American there would always be a Gucci bag that would fit your taste. You can pick from their leather or fabric bags. You can choose based on your preference. The designs do not only cater to adults. They have designs made for kids, teens, young professionals, entrepreneurs and socialites. Every package comes with a unique serial number giving you a sense of exclusivity. The bag's dust bag protects it from scratches and harmful materials. After you purchase a bag,it is carefully placed in a beautiful specialty box.

Each handbag is crafted by an artisan.With years of training, they are experts in the craft They know the techniques on using high-tech machines. They have mastered sewing by hand with finesse.The strokes should be uniform all the time. With a special glue designed for Gucci, the brand ensures costumers that each handbag made is durable. It is a handbag that can withstand the pressure from extreme temperature. Each special screw is placed in a delicate manner to be avoid falling off from the handles. Each bag was sewn with special threads and needles which made the stitches extra firm. Quality is ensured by the brand through a series of individual physical inspection of the hand bags. Repairs under normal circumstances won't even be necessary. The top quality leather used in making this bag is light and not heavy. The smell of the leather provides an aroma of freshness. Who would not indulge?

The Red and Green collection of Gucci makes every girls dream come true. It makes you ride a horse and pretend to be an equestrian. It is simple and chic with a clean finish. There are times when life gets too busy. You just want to see something that reminds you of home. The careful placement of the two colors makes sophistication feasible. You can get away with wearing colorful hues by toning it down with this bag. This bag is perfect for a small get together with friends. You can opt for a shoulder bag or hand bag.

Are you a ladylike twenty first century woman? Do you want a bag with minimal details? The minimalist effect that the Gucci GG collection will surely make you smile. You can wear this in the office. You can also wear this after work. The subtle beige color of this handbag makes you excited for a weekend getaway. No wonder it has remained a favorite collection all over the world. Every Gucci lover has at least one or two bags from this collection.

Bamboo has never been prettier. Who would have thought that an earthy substance could be transformed into something that oozes with elegance. The bamboo made handle of the Gucci Bamboo bag makes it impossible for anyone to look away. The airbrush finish on the leather was blended in a superb manner. The two tone ombre color of the leather is subtle yet noticeable. The bamboo locks are so cute they will make all passerby look in your direction.

The Gucci Cat Lock bags prove that great things come in small packages. The prints are girly with an edge. Literally the bag has edges which have been made in the most fashionable way. This bag can be the perfect purse for your phone, make-ups and wallet. You can bring it everywhere to add twist to your outfit. Even if you are wearing plain colors,this bag would surely help you stand out. The gold lock adds glamour to your whole ensemble.

The Marmont bag with the big GG gold plate lock is a bag for all seasons. The leather bag comes in either plain color or with the iconic red and green lining. There are girls who just don't want heavy prints on their bags. A simple detail is enough to exude greatness. This is the perfect bag for a socialite who go to events after work. Young professionals find this bag extra alluring. It may not be as colorful as the other collections but this collection is definitely not boring.

Like the Python that sizzles with confidence and personality, Gucci's collection with the same name proves the same. The bag's animal print finish makes it exotic. For women who are adventurous and romantic this is the perfect choice. The feel of the bag against your skin will delight you. The color of this bag will be an eye candy.

When it comes to signature bags, one material that shows extravagance is the Crocodile skin. Crafted with advanced technology, this bag is definitely one of the best. The charm of the material used and the thick stitches on each hand bag make it remarkable. This bag is exceptional. There are no words enough to describe the elegance that comes with this. Any bag collector would be proud to have this on their cabinets. CEOs would find it hard to resist this bag.

There are so many options available at Gucci. Finding a perfect bag would not be hard. Deciding on what to buy from this outstanding array of products would be a wonderful experience. Choose whatever your heart points you too. Buy more than one and be happier. You would not regret it.Find something that fits your personality. Whatever you choose would be worth your time and money.

Buying from their stores is effortless and easy. Each Gucci shop has a customer representative who knows everything about their products. They are familiar with the different collections. They can teach you how to care for the bags before and after purchase. Major cards are accepted in their shops so there is no need to bring large amount of bills. Before purchase the shops verify the ownership of the cards keeping buyers safe from frauds and scams. The customer representatives will answer your questions and complaints without hesitation. Moreover the shop is well lit and well organized. You would not have a hard time because the bags are segregated from the men's section. It is easier to look at the accessories when they are placed in the shelves in an orderly manner. Some shops even offer free champagne therefore giving you a chill vibe.

There are times when travelling to the shops is not possible. There are moments when you are stuck with a big project. You do not have the time to go out. Do not fret or feel sad. Gucci has online stores which makes shopping from your home or work place easy. The shipping fee is very reasonable. Do not worry the item shipped remains in crisp condition. The cards are verified before each online payment which protects you from online hackers. Shop inside your hotel room. Click those fabulous items while preparing for a meeting. While chilling do not forget to check out their online page. Who said that you can't shop without stepping on the gas pedal of your car? You just need your wifi and laptops ready.

The handbags of Gucci give you your money's worth. Gucci has met the standards required for a luxury brand. They check the quality of each product every time their artisans produce bags. Should you have problems with the bag you can go to their customer service to have an assessment. Their return and exchange policies are reasonable. Remember to keep your receipts and the "guarantee of authenticity" card to be accommodated. The transactions are fast. You would not get tired.

The bags are easy to store. Should you find the need to clean your hand bags, buy the cleaning set from their shop. This cleaning fluid is tested for your convenience. It would bring out the shine from your bag. Taking care of your bags does not need to be time consuming. With just a wipe away, your bags could become new again. Remember to keep your dust bags all the time. Do not lose them. If you are extra particular with taking care of your bag, you can set the temperature of your storage room to medium. Keep the room warm but not extremely hot. Let humidity in to keep your bags from getting dry.

Have some love for your sisters, best friends or mothers. Make your aunt's birthday extra special. The bags that you purchased could be wrapped in all the flagship stores and official online shops of Gucci. You can even have their initials engraved thus making the gift more personal. Each unwrapping made by your loved ones would be roller coaster of positive emotions. Just imagine the face of your mom when she touch the bag for the first time. Are you feeling gloomy? Why don't you give yourself a gift? The glamorous bag would surely ignite your senses and make you feel better in an instant. Do not worry about the price tag. It is worth it. Come on, engrave your initials on a Gucci bag. Make it safe from accidental bag switch or theft. There are times when we forget our bags. Having your initials engraved would make looking for your bag easier.

Each bag made by Gucci has all the component of a great bag. It is made from premium materials. The leather is so soft you would not mind pressing your skin against it. It is made by talented Artisans in Italy with caution and passion. Long hours of hard work pay off. The techniques applied in manufacturing a Gucci bag passed the international standards. The customer service staffs are well versed thus making each purchase easy. Product shipping is fast and reliable. They follow the laws of return and exchange. There are many good feed backs about their products. There is a wide array of selection which makes shopping not boring. The people behind the brand always have fresh ideas. It maximizes local materials like bamboo. It has a lot of unique features which makes it noticeable from knock outs. Overall this bag gives you more than what you pay for. It is just a matter of preference. Having this on your wardrobe would make you happy. There are a lot of brands in the market but Gucci is surely one of the finest. Gucci is simple yet sophisticated. It is sexy without trying too hard. The prints on the fabrics will get everyone's attention without looking too cheesy. Everyone knows that Gucci is a well established brand.

Buy your own Gucci bag to know what people are raving about. Wear your own and amp your confidence. There is no better way to boost your self esteem than to buy something from a reputable brand. The glitz and glam of the brand would take away the stress from your life's daily hustle and bustle. Buy something that gives you value for the money you spend. With their hand bags, you are assured of quality. The bags are not that big but a lot of stuff fit inside.The brand empowers men and women all over the world. It caters to all ages which makes it relevant.

There are a lot of designer brands but with Gucci you can be sure of the craftsmanship and customer service.Go to their nearest store or browse through their website now.