FBA sellers want to sell as much wholesale products on Amazon as they can, but the reality is that some of those sales will result in customers returning the merchandise.

In simple terms, Amazon customer returns is a program in which Amazon customers can return the items purchased on the platform for one reason or the other. This retuning process is very simple for a customer who wants to return. All you need is to go to the website of Amazon and fill a short and simple form that is present there and after filling one is supposed to print and inbox the product and drop on any of the local UPS stores. The process does not need any payment it is free. 

To return there are simple six steps to follow. The steps include,

· Have the record of return email notification from Amazon

Amazon will always notify you whenever there is a return by a customer due to the product you sold to them in your account. So you should ensure you have kept the return email so that you can return and verify the return within 45 days.

· Request for reimbursement from Amazon if the customer returns item is not returned within the first 45 days.

This step is essential for you too because you cannot wait for more than 45 days. If he/she fails just request reimbursement from Amazon.

· Try to protect your seller feedback score by having a contact with your customers

Usually, buyers do leave a feedback to you once they are in need of a refund. The feedback at a time may not be positive, they may give negative feedback, but you should always learn on how to contact them with a positive and good response. You can apologize to them if their feedback is negative.

· Have inspection to the returned product

Once you have received back the returned items on Amazon warehouse, you should contact the warehouse work to inspect the condition of the product returned. The product could be market as customer damaged if the product was opened or marked as defective if the customer did not open it. Defective product can be returned back to your selling add to your sellable inventory.

· Try to find the reasons for all the items that were returned to the FBA warehouse

Once the buyers have requested to return the product, you should be able to find what are some of the reasons that made them return the product. After finding the reasons, you can give back the report to your central seller. If you do not know how to return you should log in to seller central and under report and choose fulfillment and click returns. You should report between 30 to 60 days.

· Inspect the items that are returned to you

Once a product has been returned to you, you should carefully inspect it, and if you find it is unopened, you can add back to your Amazon to sell. As we mentioned earlier if the product has had been opened you can send it back to Amazon warehouse for further inspection.