elibetnewyork.com is a New York wholesale business based in the New York Garment Center.

Who are they?

Like most people, you wouldn’t like the feel of moving from one shop or boutique to another while doing your personal or even your daughter’s shopping. Or, do you need more stock to add into your boutique for next sales? If so, elibetnewyork.com is was founded with you in mind. This wholesale women clothing store offers service, quality as well as the latest fashion designs such as tops, dresses, Denim, outwear, bottoms, and other accessories like belts and bags.

Eli-bet New York began as a small firm located in Manhattan. The company's trust and hard work have enabled it to become a more established and reliable business. Their clients often are fashion boutiques and retail stores located in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

You will be amazed at how the business operates; they take both online, and phone orders to satisfy their customer demands fully. Each of their designs and styles is ready-to-deliver immediately upon ordering for one of their products.

How will they ship your goods?

A common fear linked to online traders is trust. Due to lack of trust between you and your seller it might be hard for you to risk your hard-earned money for a product, which maybe might never be delivered to you.

By just contacting their consumer service crew, you will be provided with your tracking information and order status. You don’t have to struggle much; all you need to have is the last name and the order number on the order you desire. For instance, if you need dresses, you will just need the last name and the number of the dresses.

Although shipping times might depend on the merchandise’s availability, nearly all orders are delivered within 48 hours of purchase. Since orders are shipped in less than two business days, the firm doesn’t send its orders during the holidays or even the weekends.

Are you outside the U.S. but you need one of their products? It’s quite unfortunate that Eli-bet New York doesn’t ship its goods internationally.

However, if you need one of their products, you can just hire a transportation firm to help you deliver your orders to your desired location. But for large orders, above $1500, the company can as well offers free shipping to your store or home.

Are you worried about their return policy?

In case your merchandise is damaged, you have exactly two weeks after the purchase to return it to the firm. Unlike most companies, the company offers you a chance for store credit. However, it’s good to note that, the company doesn’t allow credit cards or cash refund.

How to order and pay for your goods

You won’t be deducted any tax on wholesale clothing products. In fact, the company offers you a variety of means to pay for your orders. With an American Express credit card, MasterCard or Visa, you can purchase any of their products without much strain. Very few business will allow shipping of orders prior clearance of the purchase, with elibetnewyork.com being one of them. This company will only charge you for your orders after a successive shipping.

If you lack any of the above-mentioned payment means, don’t rush to get one. Take your time to process and renew your card. You can as well pay for your orders through direct bank transfers or even money orders. This is irrespective of whether you are buying tops or even accessories.

To cancel or change your order, you should contact their customer's service immediately for assistance. This is because, upon processing your order, the firm won’t be able to make any alterations to the shipment. Email them through their email (replyelibetnewyork@gmail.com) to make a change or cancel your orders. For more information, call them through 212-239-3317/ 3327 and their customer care agents will be more than willing to satisfy your wish.