It was in 1994 that the then 30-year-old Jeff Bezoz first saw the writing on the wall, or should we say on the computer screen, as to the boundless potential the internet revolution promised regarding doing business online.

The rest is history. Thirty-year-old Bezoz, with his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton and experience in building internet networks, convinced his parents to invest a large percentage of their life savings in a bold new internet start-up, Amazon, from his garage.

Researching the least expensive products to sell online, Bezoz went with books, a product with universal appeal and cheap. 

Now, 23 years later, Amazon has evolved from what was basically an online book store to a multi-billion dollar online retailer selling virtually any product available on the planet and constantly evolving offering new innovative selling services in order to stay ahead of the pack. Besides individual and small businesses, larger companies are also finding it very much worth their while to use the Amazon selling services as one of their marketing platforms.

NY-based retail company Pharmapaks sells thousands of low-priced products using Amazon’s selling services and of its annual revenue of $70 million in 2015, 40% was reportedly made using Amazon as its platform. 

As the online retailer continues to prosper and grow, the selling services have had to expand and innovate proportionately to enable it to handle the millions of transactions and all the processes involved therein and to make the experience for clients as seamless as possible. 

Selling services on offer from the online behemoth cover all possible requirements and needs for the both the individual and the company wanting to grow their business and sell their products from the Amazon platform.

Amazon has become a virtual one-stop-shop and it now not only offers products, but already since 2015 began offering professional home services.

The thinking behind the idea was that many of the people who bought a product might require professional help on how to use it, install it, assemble it, or just even learn how to enjoy it. To that end, Home Services, which includes renting, was born and offers approximately 700 services.

Plumbers, electricians, handymen, painters, all thoroughly vetted, the cream of the crop so to say, are as easy to hire as click on the keyboard. It also has the effect of opening up new work avenues for the small business owner.

Amazon believes that the service has the potential to reach 85 million customers a year and for the customer the benefits include cutting out the time and effort spent on looking for and hiring legally qualified serviced professionals.

A stringent six-point background check ensures that each technician is suitably qualified to provide the service required and according to the online e-commerce giant, on average roughly three out of every 100 home professional vetted in an area passes the grade and is accepted to be added on its list of eligible professionals for this service.

Customers using this service should however be prepared for an add-on to the bill as Amazon does charge for this service. Its fees are 20% on a standard service, 15% on a custom service and 10% on a recurring service, ie a monthly garden maintenance contract. 

Amazon provides selling services to reach customers through a number of innovative solutions. Years of experience went in to the creation, building and acquiring of the technology, tools and systems that simplify what is a complex process to process transactions and to provide world-class customer service are at the customer’s fingertips by signing on for any of Amazon’s selling services.


Register on Amazon Marketplace and eliminate the costs and time involved in creating your own standalone site and reach out to your potential customers in double-quick time. 

Sell on Amazon Business. Individuals are not the only buyers on Amazon, business, big and small do their shopping on Amazon for an ever-growing range of products in dozens of categories. Register and design advertising offers that are tailor-made for registered companies.

The Sponsored Products advertising program is a cost-per-click deal whereby sellers receive professional selling plans with keyword-targeted advertisements and for which sellers only pay for when the ad is clicked on.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) really emphasizes Amazon’s one-stop-shop ability, offering the bulk seller storage facilities for products, packaging of products and shipping. Amazon fulfillment centers really offer what their names suggest – fulfillment in every possible way for the seller who wants to concentrate on growing the business.

There is no limit on the number of units to be stored, and with a Multi-Channel Fulfillment option, customers can service orders for other customers indifferent locations with stock from the Amazon Fulfillment Center. A convenient single storage location enhances and simplifies central management. Inventory can also be returned to the Fulfillment Center if the need arises for any number of reasons.

Be aware that the online marketplace charges for storage space for completing and delivering orders. It’s a pay-as-you-go system and shipping costs are included in the fee. 

FBA members are eligible for the Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping and other benefits such being allowed to sell on Amazon’s marketplaces in Canada and Mexico. Check website for more details. 

The FBA registered business will display the Prime logo designating the seller as a prime member and accruing all the recognition and benefit that that entails and informing customers that the entire operation is Amazon- controlled.

The growth of Amazon has also played a major part in the development of online-based companies aligned to Amazon and designed to make life even more seamless for sellers wanting to register on its platform. 

Companies such as Shopify, aStore and FreshStoreBuilder are among companies aligned or having an association with Amazon that will build your company website to be “Amazon-friendly”.

FreshStoreBuilder for example will build an Amazon-dedicated shopping area on your website which will display all or chosen Amazon products and offers as part of the shopping cart checkout process.

The Amazon store builder which features Amazon news and product reviews and product information, among others, are all part of the offering. 

These are all amazing options, but no matter how amazing they are, what you need are wholesale products to sell.

You can source wholesale products through search engines like and, or you can use a paid directory like the wholesale handbag directory found at

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Amazon’s Selling Services are continuously evolving as customer needs change and grow, and the only thing you can bet on is that selling services will forever be a work in progress.

I have seen and heard of many businesses right here in Brooklyn, New York, that have moved their entire operations online with the help of the services offered by online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Overstock.

With the latest news indicating that some of the most successful department stores, such as Macy's, are struggling, it might time for you to consider how to rely less on the brick and mortar aspect of your business, and more on its online facet.