Buying Wholesale Clothing From The USA

Buyers all over the world want to

buy wholesale clothing from the USA.

Some buyers travel in person,

others send someone who lives

in the United States on their

behalf, and others do their shopping


So why do

so many wholesale buyers want

products from the USA?

The demand for USA wholesale merchandise

is based on various factors. 

First of all there is the international recognition

that American brands have. Almost everyone

on this planet is familiar with brands like

Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess, Calvin Klein,

Nine West, Nike, and Tahari.

The Internet has helped American brands

gain an immense following abroad, especially

from young people who can see the latest

trends every time they log on to 

social media sites like Facebook.

In addition, Hollywood does a great

job of further publicizing American 

brands when its movies are watched

in other countries.

Product placement is a big business,

and no one does it better than 

the movie executives working in Hollywood.

Think of what happens when

millions of movie goers 

watch a famous actress wearing

a BCBG dress.

There is also another factor that motivates

international buyers to search for wholesale

merchandise from the USA.

That factor is the belief that American

products are very high quality. And yes,

you would be surprised, there are still

many products being made in the United States,

especially clothing.

For instance, many R&M Richards dresses

are made in the USA, as well other private label


The reason why you can still find wholesale clothing

that is made in the United States is because

many retailers do not want to have to

wait for shipments to arrive from China

or elsewhere. They want the clothing that they

need to be available on an immediate basis.

There is actually a third factor that

I have learned from my international

wholesale customers, and that is

that products that are made overseas for the

American market are usually higher

quality than products made for some

other markets.

In other words, a factory in China that

is producing wholesale dresses for the

USA will make them from better quality

materials than those it might make for

the domestic Chinese market.

While I have not personally researched this

idea in detail, my customers have repeatedly

expressed this belief to me.

So how can you purchase wholesale products

from the USA?

You can start out by doing a search online through

Google for American wholesalers. If you are going to

visit a specific city, such as New York, or simply want to

purchase products from a NY wholesaler, then you

would want to do a search for wholesalers in a specific


You can also use specific wholesale niche search engines

like or

There are many paid directories are well,

such as Salehoo or

Note, I am an affiliate of both of these directories.

Wholesale directories are a compilation of 

wholesale sources such as exporters, importers,

distributors, jobbers, closeout dealers, and

closeout brokers.

The advantage of a paid directory is that

the owner of the directory needs to

update and maintain good listings to

satisfy the people who are paying for 

access to the directory.

There are also many free wholesale directories

available online. The challenge with those

directories is that many of the listings

might be outdated, but you might still

find a few valuable sources in there.

If you can visit the USA, I would recommend

that you visit a wholesale shopping district

such as the New York Fashion District.

You will literally find thousands of wholesale showrooms

if you visit the various wholesale districts

located in New York, Los Angeles, Miami,

and Chicago.

When visiting a wholesale district take your

time in comparing the various wholesale deals

that you will find, this way you won't miss out

on merchandise deals that another seller might have.

On the other hand, if you do come across

a really good closeout deal don't hesitate or

someone else might buy it.

It is very common for a retailer

to visit my warehouse, see a

selection of wholesale dresses that they

want to buy, and then return a few days later to

make their purchase and those specific dresses

are sold out.

If you see something that you know that you

can do well with, you need to take action

right away.

When speaking to wholesalers in the USA

I would recommend finding out if they

have customers in your country. This way you

will know what their level of knowledge is

regarding your market. This is important since

you want them to make suggestions based

on what is popular in your market.

For example, if you have a boutique in Nigeria

you will want to connect with wholesalers

that have supplied boutiques in Nigeria.

If you are certain in knowing what 

merchandise you need for your market

then it is not as important to

work with a wholesaler that is familiar with your


But if you do find someone that is knowledgeable 

then be open to their suggestions, since 

they are actively dealing with retailers 

from your country, so they so to speak

have their finger on the pulse of the

retail market.

You can also decide to buy wholesale

directly from American brands.

They might be open to doing business

with an individual retailer, or they

might refer you to a wholesaler that 

they are already doing

business with in your country.

If they don't have a wholesale representative

in your country you might consider

asking them to become their rep

this way you can make money

by supplying their products to

other retailers as well.

If you do want a brand 

to consider developing a 

an exclusive relationship

with you, you need to show them

that you are serious by actually buying

a large quantity of merchandise from them.

This is true for any situation in

which you want to demonstrate 

the benefits of doing business with you.

If you want the best brand name deals

from a closeout warehouse, then you

have to demonstrate your

buying power.

As far as shipping your wholesale purchases

from the USA back to your country you

can use shipping companies such as UPS,

DHL, Fed Ex, the US Postal Service, or you

can use freight forwarders.

Freight forwarders will aggregate 

shipments on a flight, getting a lower

rate for the shipments than if they

were booked separately.

Some freight forwarders will ship to the

closest international airport to you, and others

will provide door to door delivery service through

a local agent.

For international shipping I use freight

forwarders such as Schenker, Impex,

Corporate Messengers, Express Air Freight,

Laparkan, Tropical Shipping, and other

companies based on my customers preferences.

You can still successfully purchase wholesale

products from the USA even if you

can't travel to the United States or

send someone to a warehouse on

your behalf.

You can place an order online

through their wholesale website,

or order by email or by phone.

Just make sure that you are dealing with

a wholesale exporter that is familiar with your

market. You can also ask for references to assure

yourself regarding the reliability of

the business.

It's a great sign if a wholesaler already has customers

in your country.

On the other hand there are advantages

to being a wholesaler's first

customer in your country.

You won't have to compete with

other retailers that might otherwise

be buying from the same wholesale source.

Another important point is that

while you might be looking for specific

items, such as wholesale Tahari suits or

wholesale Steve Madden shoes, you

should be open to considering 

other items as well.

If you bring a new item to your marketplace

you might be surprised at how well

you can do with it.

Let's say you decide to import

wholesale Tally Taylor dresses.

While your customers are

not familiar with the brand, they

might fall in love with the dresses

by Tally Taylor.

Since you will be the only seller of

Tally Taylor clothing in your market

then customers will have to buy it 

through your boutique.

And if you see that you are doing

really well with a certain brand

that is new in your market, you

can try to form an exclusive relationship

with the wholesaler that you bought 

that branded clothing from. This way you can try to be the 

only retailer carrying that brand in your