The designer handbag business is one of the
most lucrative segments of the retail

Although there are many customers
that are looking for designer bags,
there is also a tremendous
amount of competition.

You have company stores,
online retailers such as Amazon,
auction listings on eBay,
boutiques, discount retailers
such as Marshalls and T.J. Maxx,
and closeout warehouses,
all competing to attract 

So how can you hope to stand out
and capture even a tiny amount
of this product segment?

One of the best ways to
quickly attract attention from
shoppers is by having the
right type of merchandise at
the lowest possible prices.

But how can you do this
when you are up against the
buying power of some of the
world's largest retailers?

Well, there are strategies
that you can follow that can
help you find designer bags at
below wholesale prices.

These strategies do take
work, effort, time,
and capital, so don't
expect any instant results.

If these strategies were so
easy to implement, you
could be assured that 
every wholesale buyer would
be implementing them.

Keep in mind that the handbag
market can experience rapid changes,
as any aspect of the retail or
wholesale business can experience,
so not every strategy will work
at any give time.

Strategy #1

Visit the handbag listings on eBay.
You want to find listings that have no
bids, or low bids, due to
a poor quality picture, 
brief product description,
or are by seller with a low
feedback rating.

All of these factors can result
in a handbag selling on the 
online auction site for a lot
less than its true value is.

For instance, if you see an
eBay auction for a Guess handbag,
but the picture is not clear,
or the seller does not have
a positive feedback rating,
chances are that the bag will
receive either a low bid, if
it receives a bid at all.

You can place a very low
bid and hopefully purchase
the pocketbook at what
essentially is a 
below wholesale price.

Strategy #2

Visit the Amazon clearance and
outlet sections. You might just find
a bag being discounted so heavily that
the price is below what the original
wholesale rate was when purchased
from the brand.

Strategy #3

Visit the Macy's website and check out
their clearance section. To make this
strategy even more effective look
for online coupons that can give you
a further discount on your purchase.

For example, if Macy's has a 
Nine West handbag for sale
for 20.00, and it originally had a full retail value
of 100.00, and then you use a coupon
that gives you an extra 20% discount,
your actual price will be 16.00

If the original wholesale price that
the department store paid was
40.00, then you've purchased
the item at below wholesale.

The challenge with the Macy's
clearance items is that they
can sell out really fast.

I had a customer that would wake up
at 5 AM to see what items
were added to the clearance section.

So while the potential is there,
it definitely requires a good deal
of effort and time.

Strategy #4

Travel to outlets during a
sales season. Before heading out
make sure that you
look for any coupons offered online.

If you find an outlet store that is
having a really big sale, and you
can get an extra discount with 
your coupon, you might be
able to get some amazing deals.

In New York there are some great
places to check out, such as
Woodbury Commons located upstate,
Tanger Outlets in Long Island, 
Fashion Outlets by Niagara Falls,
the Outlets by Lake George.

You can also do some
good shopping right next door in
Secaucus, New Jersey.

Strategy #5

Although this strategy focuses
on used handbags, you should
know that there is also
a strong demand for 
used fashion items, as
you can see on eBay
and at your local thrift store.

You can visit garage sales,
thrift stores, and estate sales
and see what fashionable pocketbooks
are being offered.

You should get there as early as you
can, be ready to bargain, and understand
that you'll have to clean many of the
items that you will find.

You can find listings for these types of
sales in the classified section
of your local newspaper,
on your newspaper's website,
or on Craigslist.

Strategy #6

Visit closeout warehouses
like my warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.

Closeout business will specialize in
supplying fashion merchandise at
below wholesale prices to vendors.

The type of merchandise that these
businesses carry can change often,
but you can stay updated to their
brand name inventory by
asking to be placed on their
email or call list.

For example, my closeout website has a form
through which you can subscribe
to my email newsletter and 
be updated with the different
products that I receive.

Strategy #7

You can purchase department store
overstock or store return pallet of

These bags will be either unsold
inventory or merchandise that
was returned to the retailer.

Overstock merchandise tends to be
in brand new condition while
returns can range from brand new to
very heavily damaged.

Returns are ideal for sellers
that can have the bags repaired
or refurbished.

If you do repair or refurbish an
item make sure that you
disclose that information
to your customers.

I personally like this option
the most because it can enable
you to purchase brand names 
such as Coach, Calvin Klein,
Guess, Steve Madden, Lucky Brand,
Nine West, Jessica Simpson,
and other popular names.

Strategy #8

You can purchase a wholesale
directory that will give you
a list of wholesale and closeout

I am an affiliate of a directory
which you can see through 
by visiting this website:

Full disclosure, as an affiliate
I will receive a commission
when you purchase the directory.

Special Note:

You need to carefully research
the authenticity of any product
before placing an order
through any supplier.

I hope you found this information
useful, you are welcome to
visit my NY closeout business
the next time you're in the New York area.