What is a Walmart Liquidation Pallet?

Walmart Liquidations is the official liquidation source for the Walmart enterprise (website, stores, etc). This forum allows re-sellers to bid on excess inventory, store returns, and bulk lots directly from Walmart itself. The lot sizes will typically vary in size ranging from a single pallet up to a truckload of leftover inventory at a small fraction of the retail price. Usual auction items will include TVs, electronics, furniture, kitchen appliances, and apparel. Almost all the products found in Walmart stores and online is available in bulk at Walmart liquidations. Walmart Liquidations and many other such companies use pallets to maximize and organize their storage spaces.

Where and How to buy?

The B-Stock Sourcing Network allows re-sellers such as Walmart Liquidations to buy liquidation and overstock inventory directly from retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club and others. This enables the buyers to have direct access to inventory that would normally have to be purchased through middlemen and wholesalers. These liquidation sales are exclusively conducted for B-Stock Sourcing Network buyers only and are managed through private online liquidation auction marketplaces which not only enable clients to open their liquidation inventory to more re-sellers but also helps create new buying opportunities for companies that could not have previously accessed such inventory directly from the source.

The official liquidation marketplace sells anything ranging from unsorted returns of general merchandise, electronics apparel etc. Similarly, sizes may also vary from a single pallet to a truckload.

The prices of lots range from $1,000 to 50,000 even depending on the inventory of items. However, in general everything starts from $1 and is sold to the highest bidder.

Why buy from Walmart?

It is a really good idea in many ways to make the purchase from Walmart, not just because it is a big name in the merchandise field. It is a very good idea because as a buyer, one is aware and assured of the quality of the products in the pallet as well. In addition, buyers are directly purchasing from Walmart which eliminates middlemen who are trying to make a profit and usually pick the best items before any buyer can see them. The process is fair and simple: a buyer gets the unsorted inventory as it comes along with a full manifest of each item in the lot.

How to Sell a Pallet & its Contents?

The trick is to maintain a balance between selling your pallet quickly to prevent being driven out of space and paying more than you have earned for renting of that space. This is a precarious balance and you have to make the trade-off in a way so as to retain as much of the profit as you possibly can. It is important to determine who wants them and how to get the best price for them. Keeping them stacked according to size and quality, maintaining them in good condition and a proper record of their condition can improve the chances of a good sale. Thank you so much for your time.

Walmart Liquidation Pallets

What are liquidation pallets?

In simple terms, a liquidation pallet is a box or a wholesale box full of surprise. Its basically a set of returned or overstock items from a store. It is either bid online or sold under a fixed minimal amount.

A Walmart liquidation pallet is a set of items from different categories and sections from either a Walmart store or from their website, walmart.com, and then sold in bulk and sold for either at auction or at a set wholesale price.

How to sell an Entire Pallet

There is always a risk in buying items and wholesale by pallet simply because the liquidation delivery is always full of surprises and it is sold in a bulk packed by the store and there is no item choice from the customer. There are some pallets that contain hidden gems like unworn shoes, factory sealed perfumes, sealed headphone and a lot ore.

Selling pallet contents can be done online. Some supply their local stores, especially on the countryside and small towns. Items only available on Walmart are the most salable like appliances.

Here are top 5 sites offering Walmart Liquidation Pallets



Bulq is the most popular liquidation pallet website. And they have great customer services. The website is creative yet user friendly and fully functional.

Bulq also has had good reviews to offer good quality items especially on Walmart Liquidation Pallets.

Pallets are also categorized in general that can be easy for any first time user. Pallets are categorized and boxed per retail store.

Their payment and delivery is smooth as well.

Liquidations by B-Stock Solutions


This website categorizes their pallets according to store. The site also sells liquidation pallets in singles and truckloads.

Price range selections are located on the left side. This plug-in offers a lot of price range options.

The site also offers free delivery



Pallet bid offer wholesale pallets under different categories. There are heavy equipment under liquidation and Walmart liquidation in small pallets.

This is a good site to look into for start up re-sellers because of its micro itemized pallets.

Department Store Liquidation


This department store website is simple to go through purchasing. Pallets are bought in truckload. The retail value is shown with the truckload price.

There is a good reflection on how much business can be made from the truckload. Department Store Liquidations is comprehensive and business friendly.

This is good for re-sellers and local suppliers.

GBY Liquidations


The GBY Liquidation website offers a wide array of stores to choose pallets from.

There are also popular brands available under different categories.

This pallet liquidation site has a lot of shoes and apparels available in store. Lifestyle retails brands currently in offering are Aeropostale, DC, Sperry Topsider and more.

GBY Liquidation also has a hefty liquidation wholesales offering for Walmart pallets.

The site has a budget or price plug-in that lets you choose within a price range. Their price range though is limited to only 3 categories and in thousands.

Payment options include MasterCard, Visa and PayPal A customer service trunk line is also very visible on the upper left corner making contact more accessible. Aside from that a Contact Us button is available on the button.

Terms and conditions includes no exchanges, refunds or credits on pallets sold on this websites


Speaking of other man’s trash, buying liquidation pallets can be a risk. There is no assurance that items that would arrive will be useful. Some are broken with no chances of fixing.

Effective Tips On How To Sell Walmart Liquidation Pallets On eBay

Studies have shown that product suppliers often have the opportunity to buy salvaged items in huge quantities. These items can be marketed to other people by the pallet and later resold on eBay. In most cases, liquidators have the opportunity to handle these transactions. If you are looking for top-notch items to resell on eBay, this may not be the best strategy to adopt. This strategy may worth it if you are able to take the risk. When purchasing a complete pallet of items, you are simply being dicey about the decision. This is because the qualities of the products you want to purchase have no guarantee.

There is every possibility to lose your money while marketing some of these products on eBay. However, with other products from your pallets, you may eventually profit. The most important thing is to ensure that the liquidator’s products have the features you want to market on eBay. You can be able to achieve success in the entire process by considering, working and monitoring a wholesale supplier over a period of time. Is your quest for how to sell liquidation pallets on eBay? Are you looking for useful tips on how to market liquidation pallets on eBay? With these tips you will hopefully understand how to sell liquidation pallets on eBay.

Step 1:

One of the first steps to take is by acquiring Walmart pallets on the right platform so that you can start marketing your overstock and store return products. Knowing the right format through which the pallet products can be marketed will help you to make profits.

Step 2:

The next step is to protect the overstock products on the pallet. Provided this step is achieved, you can now get the overstock products ready for shipping.

Step 3:

At this juncture, it is expedient to create a list by using the pallet. This list should contain the actual pallet that will be marketed.

Step 4:

You can go ahead and list on eBay the pallets that need to be marketed.

Your Pallet Grade Level:

There are certain features that should be found in your pallet grade level. Read through this paragraph to know what should be included in your pallet grade level.

1. Clothing Grade: This shows that used or returned clothing can be found on your pallet.

2. Clearance: This may simply be a direct reference of your pallet. It also means that a producer or retailer is marketing the stock to empty their inventory.

3. Scrap: These are usually products that can be marketed to resell for extra accessories.

4. Mixed Returns/Returns: The pallet of products returned by clients is often referred to as mixed returns.

5. Letter Graded: Normally, you will find C, B, and A graded items. A is usually known as the highest, while C remains the lowest. This is also referring to the quality of items on your pallet.

It is important to ensure that the complete information of your pallet should be known. If your pallet is mixed, then try to identify it. This will give your prospective customers a general idea that they have the opportunity of several items on the pallet. Supplying a manifest of items is a great idea.

Whether you use the buy it now feature or list your pallets in an auction format, you will want to make sure to have clear and professional photos along with a comprehensive and detailed lot description.

If you need more help selling on eBay there are some great books available through Amazon, including my book, The Truth About eBay, and eBay for Dummies.

What Kind of Products are in a Walmart Liquidation Pallet?

When Walmart has excess inventory it takes advantage of the resale market to try to sell its excess products to third party vendors at a better price. Walmart resells its products starting at single, small-scale pallets to entire truckloads of inventory. However, if you are a small-scale vendor you should probably stick to buying individual pallets to make a profit.

To start, you have create an account on Walmart's liquidation website. After creating the account, you will have to apply to become an approved buyer and re-seller, together with a re-seller's certificate. After all is said and done, and you’ve been approved, you will be able to start selling Walmart's excess inventory that you purchase.

You might be wondering what kind of products are in a Walmart liquidation pallet. Let’s take a look at a few of the higher quality products; however, pallets can be a mixed-bag of goods or contain a single type of a product, depending on the excess inventory.

A pallet may contain the clothing in brands that are often sold at Walmart. Usually when you buy a pallet you will receive the previous season’s clothing. That means if you are buying in late-Spring or during the Summer, you will most likely be purchasing clothes from the Winter product line.
The pallet will often contain a mix of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. As a general rule, higher retail prices will mean a greater variety of clothing.
The following are some example brands you might find:
Starter Sportswear
Fruit of the loom
Levi Signature
Faded Glory

Pallets that are for appliances are pretty much going to be a grab-bag of products that can be taken from any of the categories except for TVs. They are mostly kitchen appliances, but can be other types such as space heaters, vacuums, and tools.
Brands that are included in these pallets:
Black & Decker

TVs and Home Entertainment
These are actually two separate categories, but they are similar in their usage. Home entertainment pallets can be anything from speaker systems to computer components or accessories. These are actually great pallets because most of the products that are included will have great resale value. Most of the time these products were returned by Walmart customers..
Pallets for TVs generally only include TVs without any accessories. You will be able to receive any major brands, as well as a variety of sizes and types.
Brands in these pallets:

Furniture and Bikes
These are also two separate categories. Furniture can be anything from small furniture such as side tables and dining chairs to larger goods like entertainment centers and desks. Furniture in this section may have been returned by customers.
Bikes, on the other hand, are not limited to any manufacturer or size. They also can be anything from street bikes to mountain bikes.
Brands included in these pallets:
Better Homes and Gardens

General Merchandise
General merchandise pallets will be a random mixture of items from any of the above sections along with certain consumer goods like toys and sporting goods. The only things that are excluded from these pallets are TVs because they have their own separate categories.
Brands that are included in these pallets may include:
Fisher Price
Black & Decker
Gold’s Gym

Looking at what kind of products are in a Walmart liquidation pallet you can tell that there is a huge mix of goods you will receive depending on what you buy. As mentioned before, higher value pallets will have a wide variety of goods and therefore you are more likely to make a profit from them.