If you’re looking to make money, there are various tools that you can use to make sure that your profits come in at a max but at the same time keep your running costs low. There are many services that you can sign up for to help make things run way smoother and there are ten different services that you should definitely look into to run your amazon business. 

To start things off, as far as scanners go, getting a USB scanner is the easiest alternative. You can plug it into the computer and then just scan your item. It’ll act as a keyboard and mouse if you have the correct software. Scanning made extremely easy. You can use third party apps just go straight through amazon. A scanner is way more useful than hand entering every single product code. Make this one of your first investments. 

Inventory Lab is a service that comes highly recommended for you to list your products on site. One of the big advantages of using this service is that you get to print your labels individually at the time of adding your merchandise into your inventory. It’s time-saving since you don’t have to print things out onto separate labels. Inventory Lab also helps you keep track of all product SKUs that you send to amazon. Now take note that this isn’t going to help you keep your books in check. It is just a guideline on how profitable your items are as they sell. The current cost for this service runs at $49 a month. 

Scoutify is another tool that you can use to your advantage, as a plus, this is included in your Inventory Lab subscription. It’s a great tool for scanning with a good set of integrations. It helps you check the history of the items you’re scanning in. The application is easy to navigate upon the first install. Great, someone bought your item. 

Now you need to pack it up and send it out! For your packaging, you need to look into efficiency along with keeping costs low. Be it large or small one of the most important tools you need to pack up things is tape. Packing tape is normally really fragile since its clear plastic that can tear apart with just the smallest cut, making you have to put in layers on the same side to make sure it’s as sealed as you can get it. T

he Better Pack Tape Dispenser can definitely help you out with packing issues. This is paper tape and it’s very sturdy. With one layer you can pretty much feel safe that your package is going to remain closed. Another advantage is that this is the same tape that large companies use, like Amazon themselves. It’s basically the black tape with their logo on it and more recently, the blue one with their echo logo also is among that type of tape. Using this tool is extremely easy. Set the length, pull the lever and there you go! The tape will be cut automatically for you. All you need to do is grab it and seal the box, easy. The machine is $400 and refills set you back about $20. Each roll of tape is pretty large so you’ll be good to go for a while. You’ll also need a label printer. That’s important for your shipping, inventory, and all that jazz. 

Dymo Label printer is a pretty good recommendation for you to use. Many suggest that you go with the 450 model since it works great with generic labels for amazon. It’s set at a lower price point as opposed to the Zebra LP 2844, which is the next recommendation. 

While the Dymo has a generic label size, the Zebra has a bigger variation in label size due to its width. It’s all a matter of preference and your costs. If you sell items that have price seals on them, you’re going to have to get those off. There are various label peelers across the globe but you need to find one that is extremely reliable to make sure that there is no residue left behind. Cleaning up leftover sticky residue is not good for your inventory. 

Scotty Peelers are among the highest recommended tools for that. There are metal and plastic versions but be careful with the metal one. A set of peelers can set you back ten bucks, which isn’t a bad tool for a reseller. For bundles you need to make sure they’re packaged correctly. You can go with your shrink wrap or a vacuum sealer. These things can get time-consuming and if you want to make sure you’re shipping stuff constantly on your processing line, looking into self-sealing bags is the best alternative. 

Stuff your bag, peel off the backing and seal it closed. You’re done! Talk about extremely easy. It totally helps you move your inventory way faster. 

You need to drive traffic to your listings, Overgrowth can assist. They give you a month-long free trial. It's thirty-one days for you to take a good look at your listings and how the sales are coming. It’s got security and alerts to make sure that your money doesn’t go anywhere. They also have friendly customer service chat on site to help you with any inquiries you may have about whether or not this tool will work for you. 

I mentioned earlier about how keeping track of your taxes is crucial, TaxJar can definitely help you with that. They’re eager to help and it’s very easy to collect and submit your sales taxes. It helps you take all the guesswork out of taxes and you know how troublesome that can be. Feedback is also very important and there’s a great way to get things done to ensure you know how people feel your business is working for them. 

Salesbacker is one of the many services available and comes with a sixty-day free trial. Since its primary focus is on feedback and reviews, your follow up emails to your customers are going to be excellent because you’ll be able to track things along. As you can see, these are just some of the many options available that you can use to help get your selling started. 

Now grab onto that inventory, make sure your tools are set and get ready to sell!