To sell products with Amazon seller apps, a vendor needs to download and install the apps on Android or iPhone devices. Apparently, a Wi-Fi or any source of Internet connectivity is one compulsory factor necessary for downloading and operating the Amazon seller apps. Notably, the apps are linked with Amazon Pro accounts. Since they are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, the seller apps are can enable sellers to easily access critical data that is essential for managing seller accounts. Consequently, after installing the Amazon seller apps, vendors on Amazon can view their sales performance from anywhere at any time, provided that their smartphones are connected to the Internet.

Among all the commonly used amazon seller apps, the procedure for selling products is quite similar. The scanning apps are designed such that Amazon sellers simply have to scan the Barcodes of any product in Stores to see new selling opportunities, create and manage listings and competitive pricing data necessary for making smart sale decisions. Below are some of the commonly used Amazon seller apps described:

Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller app is a 100% free to download and use application available on Google Play store. Retailers using this app can list their products for sale on Amazon marketplace, direct from online stores. Ideally, this option is a goldmine opportunity for improving rates during Q4. For merchant fulfilling during the Q4 seasons, the Amazon seller app is highly recommended. Besides, this app is not compatible with a Bluetooth scanner. But, some users have established some additional approaches that include clicking on the search field, then clicking on the search buttons.

How can Amazon seller app help Amazon sellers?

· Enables sellers to view and respond to customer inquiries, opinions and complaints from anywhere. Again, they can send and receive customizable emails.

· Allows retailers to view their sales performance, pending orders. Also, they can see their payout balance and confirm deliveries.

· With the Amazon Seller App, vendors get to manage their inventories, update price and contact the seller support in case any issue concerning the sales data. With this app installed on seller’s phones, they do not need computers to remotely manage their seller account or seek any assistance from the seller support.

· In addition to utilizing the essential services from paid Amazon seller scanning apps, vendors should consider installing the Amazon Seller App to update them on alerts for restricted and prohibited products. 

· For new sellers who are managing startups or businesses that highly needs to minimize expenses, Amazon Seller App is the most appropriate choice. A seller will lose nothing by remotely managing his or her products on the Amazon Seller App. Besides, the app is absolutely free.

· The app can improve sales by vending sellers’ products in various global markets including China, India, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom


This powerful searching app enables Amazon Sellers to conduct research for competitive offers in the Amazon marketplace. Scoutify comes in packed with paid subscription to InventoryLab, which offers product listing and paid web searching services for online sourcing, bookkeeping, data on the cost of goods, profit and loss. Unlike the Amazon Seller app, which is absolutely free, sellers using Scoutify incur some costs. A monthly subscription to Scoutify costs $49. Still, there is a one moth free trial eligible to all users.

To manage Amazon sales using Scoutify, sellers need to follow a simple set up that involves logging in via their InventoryLab accounts.

How can Scoutify help Sellers?

· Scoutify is compatible with Bluetooth; the app pairs with Android and iPhone devices but bypasses the camera, hence making the scanning process more faster. Again, no additional interface fee is required to connect the app with to a Bluetooth scanner. 

· Sellers can download Scoutify on multiple devices with a single subscription. For instance, a group of business partners, husband and wife or family members can manage a single business from their cellphones interconnected by one subscribed Scoutify account.

· Aside from keeping sellers updated on things happening on Amazon marketplace, the app has quick links to other markets like eBay, Google, Camelcamelcamel, Books Counter and Prime Comparison. Moreover, Scoutify enables sellers to view the set tax rates, net profit breakdown, inbound shipping costs, sales rank, weight tier, and the search history.

FBA Pro Seller

This is a great scouting app that allows sellers to check their Amazon sales for multiple marketplaces. With the FBA Pro Seller, sellers don’t need to log in each country that buys their products. The app unifies all the sale reports irrespective of the locations of the markets.

· FBA Pro Seller app can quickly scan the number of customer reviews, average reviews, rank, dates of the listings, and prices of various products. Therefore, the app can enable a seller to conduct a complete and well-informed analysis about their competitors. With a clue of their opponents' moves, vendors can establish new strategies that could stand out to customers in the crowded Amazon marketplace. Apparently, the app teaches vendors not to face FBA labelers with similar selling strategies, hence avoiding competition. 

· With the FBA app installed in a seller’s cell phone, stopping hijackers is simple. The app is designed to ensure a 24/7 monitor of the sellers’ listings for new offers. In case a competitor or another dealer tries to take over one's listing or buy box, FBA app sends a notification that alarms the owner to shut them down. 

Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit scans any product barcode and displays how much profit can be realized by selling a particular item on Amazon. The app uses a 15- factor calculation system enhances accuracy figures in FBA fees and postage rates. 

Profit Bandit cost-efficient app that only costs $9.99 monthly subscription and a $49 one-time fee to connect a Bluetooth scanner. Apparently, sellers would find this app helpful due to its ability to: 

· Avail products on Amazon markets in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Germany.

· Provide off-line scanning essential for situations where internet access is not available; so sellers can list items to finish scouting when the internet connection is available. Also, sellers can alternate the selling price from the home screen and see historical sales rank and pricing data on third party links like eBay and CamelCamelCamel.