is the perfect solution for an empty store. It provides eBayers, wholesalers, auction houses, exporters and flea markets with the merchandise they need.


The all-inclusive wholesaler offers a range of renowned surplus items for department stores. It has clothing shelf pulls, footwear closeouts, jewelry closeouts, bedding, towels and accessories available. The prices on these items are so affordable that resellers can provide them at discounts, while still maintaining substantial profit margins.

About the Products 

All Prime Products has a massive merchandise selection. It has everything for an e-commerce store. Whether a retailer needs mattresses or lipsticks, All Prime Products has it on hand.

Available Merchandise

1. General Merchandise. 

It offers an impressive range of general merchandise pallets. These consist of assortments of overstock and closeouts that include electronic, toy, home decor, and hardware pallets. Resellers can receive these goods without paying high prices to intermediaries. It is a way for them to offer significant discounts to their customers without sacrificing profits. 


All Prime Products also has general merchandise pallets suitable for flea markets and retail stores. They can resell these low-priced items for huge gains. Further, large retail stores have found it hard to compete with its low prices.  

2. Furniture Pallets

The furniture business is a competitive one. Large retail companies can sell goods at low prices because they have the capacity to buy wholesale items in bulk. Smaller stores find it difficult to compete at wholesale levels. 


All Prime Products has a solution for independent wholesalers. It has furniture liquidations, returns, and truckloads that less prominent resellers can buy below wholesale cost. These include Jobber furniture that has minor damage and closeouts that retailers have difficulty selling. It gives small retailers a leg up against the competition. 

3. Bedding

All Prime Products carries a high volume of items for beds. They are a favorite with Ebay resellers as they are inexpensive and easy to export. Flea Markets and Discount

stores can make them available to consumers at low prices. 

4. Tools Pallets

All Prime Products offers tool pallets at incredibly low prices. In these bundles are ratchet sets, screwdrivers, and wrenches. All Prime's unlimited range of power tools includes routers, drills, circular saws, and reciprocating saws. Shop equipment like sprayers, compressors, pressure washers and rolling tool boxes are available as well. 


Many of these tools are salvage items fetch high retail prices, making them ideal for auctions. 

5. Sporting Goods Pallets and Closeouts

All Prime Products has a range of sporting good closeouts. It provides direct shipped closeouts and truckloads from retailer's facilities. 


The sporting goods pallets available at All Prime will benefit small to medium retailers. These resellers can purchase the items at below wholesale cost. All Prime gives them the ability to compete with large retail chains. 


All Prime also removes the intermediary. Goods from the warehouses of these middlemen have high shipping and overhead costs. Further, many of them arrive at the reseller's store damaged. 

6. Clothing Pallets

This wholesaler offers a range of top-quality clothing pallets. These bundles consist of authentic products so that retailers can avoid the hassles of lawsuits and goods seizures that can result from selling illegally-sourced products. 


All Prime stands out as a clothing wholesaler because it offers a jaw-dropping range of clothing. The overstock, liquidation and closeout pallets available at its warehouses will leave retailers spoiled for choice. To add, it has a team of committed, well-trained customer service personnel to meet retailers' needs.

7. Designer Handbags Pallets

All Prime's designer handbags are some of its most sought after items. While many of the designer handbags on display at retail outlets are fake, All Prime provides authentic, quality designer handbags pallets. Selling fake products can result in substantial fines, which wise resellers can avoid if they purchase them. 


The prices of All Prime's designer handbag lots run from $6000 to $10000, and there are about 120 bags in each lot. These handbags are returns from upscale department stores, which sell genuine products. All Prime makes their prices too attractive to resist. The prices of these bags run from $75 to $95, whereas those at retail outlets would range from $200 to $400. 

8. Cosmetics

The online wholesaler offers some of the best cosmetics pallets. They consist of blush, pencils, eyeliners, and fragrances made by renowned brands like Cover Girl and Revlon. It does not sell non-branded items. Manufacturers make some of these non-branded cosmetics with harsh chemicals that may damage the skin. Some customers would rather buy branded than non-branded items for this reason. 


9. Health and Beauty Aid (HBA) Pallets

Health products are desirable because they are aids that people need for their daily lives. All Prime has HBA pallets containing items for allergy relief, oral care, and reproductive health. Diet aids, vitamins and band aids are on sale as well. These items are typically expensive, but All Prime makes them highly affordable for eBay and Amazon sellers.

Current Offers

1. Maybelline Lots

Resellers and fans of Maybelline cosmetics should note that All Prime has 2000-piece lots of its products, available only for a limited time. Retailers who wish to make discounts available to their customers should take advantage of this opportunity, as Maybelline is a renowned at trusted cosmetics brand. 

2. Walmart Apparel Lots

Walmart is a retailer with a firm standing in the American community. All Prime now carries some of its overstocks, available at just 0.95 per piece. The low cost makes them fitting additions to any E-store's inventory. Retailers can make them available at low prices without eating into their profit margins. 

3. Premium Electronics Pallets 

All Prime now has new electronics pallets on sale at its warehouses. Retailers can find renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Fuji digital camera bundles. Portable audio equipment, musical instruments, and home improvement items are in stock. Electronics overstock usually arrives at its storage houses in groups of mixed items, but the wholesaler takes pains to sort them into categories. 


The advantage of buying from All Prime is that there is no need to buy up the entire truckload of items. Resellers may buy only the types of devices that are relevant to their Estores. 

4. Toy Products

All new, licensed toy pallets are now in All Prime's stores. They comprise familiar brands like Star Wars, Disney toys, and Crayola products. The wholesaler sells them at half of the average retail prices, which can range from $25 to $30. Each pallet contains 150 items, which are about $4000 in value. All Prime now offers each pallet at $600, only while stocks last. 

5. Walmart General Merchandise Pallets

Walmart is an undisputed retail giant in the US, and its truckloads are valuable. All Prime now has general merchandise lots in its warehouses. Retailers can give their customers significant discounts while enjoying healthy profits.


Retailers, flea market vendors, and swap meet sellers, seeking to benefit their customers without compromising their profits should look no further than All Prime.