Amazon has definitely become the giant

of the retail industry. You can find

millions of products being sold

by Amazon directly and by an army

of third party sellers that list their

products on the e-commerce juggernaut.

Amazon allows third party sellers,

such as me, to list their products

and either have the orders fulfilled by

Amazon, or the third party sellers

can pack and send out orders directly

to the buyers.

According to Amazon, 40% of their

unit sales come from third party sellers.

That means that there are people just

like you and me that are collectively

selling millions of products.


You need to register as a seller.

You can register as an individual

or professional seller. There is

a different fee structure for 

individual and professional sellers,

plus different categories for which they can

sell items in. If you are planning

on listing many items, and conducting

a large volume business, I would recommend

that you set yourself up as a professional



Research the listings on Amazon

and see which products are

in high demand. You can see

that information by looking at the

sales rank of an item, and the

feedback which the item

has received.

Or, you can look at the

merchandise which you currently have

and determine its sales potential

on Amazon. If you see that the competition

is relatively low, or non existent for really unique

products, you might consider selling the merchandise

which you already have. The only challenge is that it's

possible that if there is no competition it is

because there is no demand for it. 

And even if there is demand for your product,

you are going to have to wait to receive

positive reviews from customers

until you can really ramp up your sales.

People like purchasing products that

have good reviews, so if you are introducing

a brand new product not previously

available on Amazon, it will take you

time to get your first few sales

and reviews.

You can also list your items

as part of already existing listings.

That means that if for example

Coach is selling a specific handbag

which you also have, you can include

yourself as a third party seller in the

same listing.

Step #3

Look for wholesale sources for the merchandise

that you will be listing on Amazon. 

The merchandise should be ready for retail,

which means that it is in brand new condition,

and has an ISBN number. I believe you

can order an ISBN number if you

are creating your own product.

I know that many sellers 

look for wholesalers that specifically carry products

for Amazon, which is fine, but they should

realize that all Amazon sellers will have

access to the same products, so the competition

will be intense.

I personally prefer to look for really good wholesale

and closeout deals, and then decide the best 

place to sell them at. 

I would suggest that you visit 

closeout warehouses and determine

which of the products that you

find are suitable for Amazon.

You can also call manufacturers

and see if they have any closeouts

which they can offer you at

below wholesale prices. Make sure

that the items are in brand new working

condition. You want to keep a

favorable rating with your customers and

you do not want your account to be


Step #4

You have to decide if you

want to fulfill your own orders

or if you want Amazon to

fulfill the orders for you.

If you fulfill your own orders 

you will be sending the merchandise

directly to the customers, and Amazon

will give you a set amount for the


If you can send the merchandise

to your customers at a lower shipping cost

Amazon will allow you to keep the difference.

It's really important that you ship out the items

within the time period that you are required to do so.

You can also send in your merchandise to Amazon,
and under their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
program the e-commerce retailer will

fulfill the orders for you. While this option

might sound ideal, keep in mind that you

will be charged storage and other order processing

fees. But on the other hand you won't have to

worry about packing and sending out

individual orders.

Another advantage of having Amazon

send out your orders is that products

that Amazon has in their warehouses

can be eligible for Prime, which is

a membership program that offers

free shipping to customers.

Customers like purchasing products that

are covered by Prime because they

wilbe eligible for free shipping, will receive their

order within days, and know that they

are purchasing directly from Amazon,

as opposed to a third party seller

that might be challenging to

communicate with.

I would recommend using

Amazon's fulfillment services

for products that move quickly,

this way you won't be subject

to high storage fees. 

Step #5

Amazon has an email newsletter 

that they send to their sellers.

The newsletter provides you with

tips as well as lets you know

which products are currently in

high demand. Make sure that

you read the newsletter so that

you can take advantage of the

insider information that you

are being provided with.

Step #6

Visit the forums

where sellers discuss

important issues, ask questions,

and share stories that can

inspire and benefit you.

Step #6

Like any business endeavor,

you want to keep on top of the latest trends

and insights. There are many books available

at Barnes and Noble, as well as from online

book sellers, that can provide you with

expert advice on running your Amazon


If you see a consumer trend

starting to pick up steam

you will want to see which wholesale

products you can purchase to meet that demand.

In a way, online and offline sales are

very similar. It's a matter of

matching the right products

to consumer demand.

Step #7

Make sure to carefully track the

progress of your Amazon sales.

This way you will be able to spot

trends such as the increase in 

popularity of an item, as well

as your actual profitability.

You should definitely give

your business time to grow,

but you also want to evaluate

your progress so that you

can make decisions based on

factually correct information,

and not simply emotions.

Whether you are reselling 

merchandise that you are obtaining

from wholesale sources, or creating your

own merchandise, you should 

definitely consider this powerful online

sales channel.