One of the closeout products

that I have had success with in my

closeout business is fashion jewelry.

To clarify, there are many subcategories

within this category, so 

keep in mind that I have sold

both brand name and private label


You need to consider your customers

so that you determine if they

are in the market for Lucky Brand men's

watches or private label earrings.

Fashion jewelry appeals to men and women

for many reasons. People will buy

fashion jewelry to gain a more professional

appearance at work, to look more

elegant at a social gathering, or 

to simply enjoy themselves by

adorning their outfits and themselves

with an attractive piece of jewelry.

There are also many other criteria

that shoppers will consider, such

as religious restrictions, conservative

style preferences, materials, and colors.

You will want to delve into your

market to determine what kind

of fashion items are appropriate

and suitable for your clientele.

I am sure that you can

see that a boutique in Lagos catering

to bankers will need a different

fashion product selection

than a boutique in NYC catering to

high school students.

It's important to understand specifically

why your customers purchase fashion jewelry,

since your marketing and product selection

will be guided by those reasons. I am a 

firm believer in having wholesale products

that your customers want, instead of simply

buying merchandise and then figuring out 

how to sell it.

I would like to give you

5 insider tips that have helped

me successfully purchase and sell

fashion jewelry, also known as

costume jewelry, many times over

the years.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Insider Tip#1

Know the reasons why your customers

purchase their jewelry. If your customer

is looking for a fancy pin to compliment

her Tahari office suit she will want

a certain style, while a customer that 

is looking to purchase a necklace for

her teenager daughter will be looking for

another style. 

One option is to carry a wide range of

styles and different items, such as

earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants,

studs, etc., this way you have a better

chance of having the items that your

customers are looking for.

This approach is fine, but you might end

up with items that your customers 

might not want to purchase.

On the other hand, if you purchase the

jewelry at a low enough wholesale price

then it can make sense to purchase

an assorted closeout lot, since your 

wholesale price per unit will

be substantially lower.

Both approaches can work

provided that the majority of

the jewelry consists of items

that your customers are interested

in buying.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Insider Tip#2

Know the budget of your customers.

It's one thing for your customers to want

really high end gold necklaces, it's another

thing for them to have the budget to purchase them.

I know this sounds blunt, but it's important

that you know this. You might be able to get

a super low wholesale price on a costume

jewelry lot, but the bottom line is whether

your clients can afford to purchase the pieces

from you.

On the other hand don't make any assumptions

without speaking to your customers

and studying your market.

Everyone makes their own decisions on how to allocate

their budgets. Some people might

allocate more money towards jewelry purchases

than to clothing, so ultimately you need to

know how much your customers will be

willing to spend on a necklace or bracelet.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Insider Tip#3

How the jewelry is displayed is a crucial

factor in how good your sales will be.

I would like to share with you a secret

that I have personally observed.

The jewelry being sold by many clothing

store chains is often almost identical to

the jewelry being sold by discount retailers.

And the reason is because often they are

all purchasing the jewelry from the same

type of sources, whether it's a factory

in China, a licensed distributor in New York,

or another jewelry wholesaler.

But the clothing store chains get to charge more

for the same type of jewelry since they

display it in a super high end manner

that is enhanced by the decor and merchandise

that their stores have.

What this means is that you can increase your

sales price and sell more merchandise 

by displaying it in a very elegant and professional manner.

If you are selling jewelry in your store you

should be treating it as if you are selling

high end art that belongs in a museum.

If you are selling jewelry online then you

should have professional pictures taken

framed by an appropriate background

that will encourage shoppers

to make a purchase.

Sure, you can take the easy approach

and simply leave it on your counter,

but then expect to sell it a slower

pace and at a lower price than if it

was displayed in a beautiful case.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Insider Tip#4

Market your fashion jewelry based on a theme

or occasion.

You can create an office selection,

a club selection, a school selection, and so on.

The idea is to put together a selection of different

pendants, earrings, necklaces, etc., that 

can be used for a specific purpose.

You are adding value by providing

shoppers with a complete selection

for an important activity in their lives,

whether it's working or socializing.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Insider Tip#5

You need to develop a very descriptive vocabulary

that will help you to convey the

beauty of what you are offering. 

Instead of just saying something like "I have really

nice necklaces", you can say something like

"I have really attractive contemporary necklaces

with sparkling charms that are eye catching

while still being appropriately conservative

for a corporate function".

As you can see, the second description

deeply illustrates the beauty of what

you are selling, while providing 

shoppers with reasons for purchasing 

your selection.

I have seen very similar jewelry being

sold for up to 10 times the price

simply because one retailer did a

much better job of describing, displaying,

and marketing, her merchandise.