You can use these 5 tips to

sell more wholesale fashion jewelry.

1) Select an ideal audience for the

fashion jewelry that you have.

Matching the fashion jewelry to the

right audience will enable you to

maximize your sales.

2) Price the fashion jewelry 

at a level that communicates its


Just because you paid a low wholesale price

does not mean that you have to

sell it a low retail price. Make sure

that people know the value by pricing

it right.

You should still make sure

to price the jewelry at below

what your direct competitors

charge for similar merchandise,

just not at a price that is too low.

Otherwise people will question its


3) Be very descriptive when listing 

fashion jewelry online.

Give people an idea why and when

they can use the jewelry that you

have for sale.

The more descriptive you are,

the more people will be

excited about purchasing it.

4) Market your fashion jewelry based

on a theme.

It can be a religious, sports, cultural,

or other type of theme.

5) Offer the jewelry in assortment


This way people will be excited about

being able to get a full collection of the

jewelry that they need

with a single purchase.