TThere are two elements that are important to expanding the reach

of your wholesale business.

The primary element is having the capacity to source closeout stock at

beneath the published

wholesale costs, and the second element is

having the capacity to properly market your items.

It happens that in the fervor of maintaining your business you can make

some truly astonishing

closeout purchases and afterward simply in the wake of accepting your stock you

then struggle in trying to figure out to sell it.

I know this has transpired commonly, particularly when I initially began my discount business some time back.

I bought a very large lot of artistic looking postcards, and my wholesale cost was about a penny each.

When I received the postcards I was truly energized,

particularly since the images and quality were really


I knew I could do well with them, yet I had one noteworthy test.

I didn't set aside the opportunity to consider who I would offer them to. 

I eventually had no choice but to

wholesale the postcards to a 

discount store in Connecticut for

a tiny profit over my wholesale cost.

That experience, and numerous others like it,

has shown me some significant lessons on the importance

of ensuring that I can

find a way to sell the merchandise that I buy.

I would recommend the 5 methodologies for

locating clients for your overstock merchandise.

1.     1.- The Yellow Pages. Whether you utilize a print or online version,

assemble a database of stores that

concentrate on the sort of stock that you have.

If you are wholesaling Calvin Klein dresses

then you want to compile a list of boutiques

that carry brand name dresses.

These retailers are relying on providers like you to

bring them stock which they can then stock

and offer to their clients. 

2.- Your loved ones are superb clients.

They believe you, will give you time, and are cheerful to

bolster your business, particularly on the off chance that you are giving them an incredible deal.

If you have bought a lot of Michael Kors handbags, and

can offer the handbags to your relatives

for less than what they would pay for

them on Amazon or eBay, they should

be happy to buy them from you.

3.-  Craigslist is a goldmine.

it is completely free to advertise, and you can create

as many classified ads as you would like.

You can create ads on Craigslist for

everything from Coach handbags to Nine West shoes to

Polo Ralph Lauren kids clothing!

Remember that people shop for

fashion on

Craigslist because they are 

looking for a bargain.

4.- eBay. I know everybody and their adjacent neighbor have officially found out about eBay.

Do you know why so many people

sign up as eBay sellers? Since the auction site can 

deliver millions of potential bidders.

5.- Give your fashion inventory

to a store on credit. Essentially make a connection with a retailer that you can trust, agree on the terms and the resale value

of your items, and afterward split the returns according to your


The retailer benefits from this arrangement by

not having to spend money out of pocket

to buy your wholesale merchandise,

and you benefit by having the retailer

work to sell your merchandise.