Everyone likes wholesale deals. In the people’s minds, various wholesale markets have developed an image depending on their varying characteristics. Some markets are known for their ample availability of quality goods while others are known for their low prices. Regardless of nature, and they are getting more success with the traits of diversified characteristics. However, if you are looking forward to a wholesale market that combines both quality and low prices, wholesale markets in New York City are the best for you, the following are top five wholesale markets in the New York City to consider:


1. The New York City terminal market (Hunts Point produce market)

The N.Y.C terminal market attracts thousands of customers from all over the country annually. The markets revenue exceeds $2 billion, beating any other produce terminal market in the world today. The market serves the largest ethnically diverse region globally with an estimated population of over 22 million within a 50-mile market. It receives produce deliveries daily by trailers, rail, and air cargo from all over the world. The market is also known to one of the largest selections of fresh vegetables and fruits.



2. The Hunts Point Cooperative Market (Hunts Point Meat Market)

This market is the largest of its kind globally. It is also the central distribution hub for New York City metropolitan area. All of the meat plants is inspected and approved by the USDA. Located at the Hunts point food distribution, the market is preferred my many, with hundreds of retailers coming here for excellent wholesale deals. It serves over 22 million people in the N.Y.



3. New Fulton Fish Market at Hunts Point

If you visit this market in the morning hours, you will notice a significant number of retail buyers and chefs from all over the place arrive to get the day's catch of fresh seafood. The market offers high-quality seafood for customers who all come looking for quality and price that the market has to offer. If you are seeking to find the best wholesale prices on seafood, this is the place to be.


4. Brooklyn Wholesale Meat Market

More than ever, customers are willing to find the source of the foods they eat and are ready to spend more money on healthy products that are trusted and flavored. This wholesale market offers an exclusive USDA graded a hundred percent grass fed beef. That increases the chance of a customer to return to the stores.


Retailers get retail-ready and shelf-stable products that every customer will like and remain loyal to. With the top priority being on consistent portioning, competitive pricing, and high quality, this market builds a profitable, sustainable, and a strong partnership.

5. Gansevoort market

This wholesale market is one that everyone is seeking to get the best wholesale deals needs to visit.

Located at 353 W 14th Street, this market personifies old New York offering a large selection of local produce as well as delicious fare. With attractive product categories including collectibles, resorts, home furnishing, clothing’s, etc., you really cannot pass without taking a look at what the market has to offer.


Well, there you have it. If you were looking for the best wholesale markets in the New York City, these are just but an iceberg considering the various markets available. Just make the most of your money by visiting the above wholesale markets!