You can have the best wholesale fashion 

in the world, but if you can't

market it effectively you will have

a challenging time selling it.

As a matter of fact, the biggest

fashion brands became who they

are through innovative marketing

techniques. And if you want absolute 

proof of this, just ask yourself

why the most well known fashion

brands continue to spend millions

of dollars marketing themselves to


The reason is because the popularity of

a brand is based partially on the way it is

perceived by customers. I am not disputing the

importance of ensuring that a brand

produces high quality and fashionable clothes,

but the marketing is what will ultimately

connect consumers emotionally to the

brand's merchandise.

Think about the mental image that

is created when you read the names

Calvin Klein, Tahari, Jones New York,

and Guess. The mental images

that you have about these brands are

partially based on the marketing strategies

implemented by these brands.

That is why Victoria's Secret puts in so

much effort to hiring the right models

and designing their stores just the right

way. They want to create a perception

of sophisticated yet tantalizing lingerie.

If they don't get it right they will

compete with all of the generic lingerie

that is available on the market.

So whether you are a designer, brand owner,

wholesaler, or retailer, you will

want to have an effective marketing

approach that you can use to

sell your clothing.

I would like to share with you

5 online fashion marketing tips

that I believe can produce

positive results when

expertly applied.

Online Fashion Marketing Tip#1

Accentuate the features of the 

fashion that you are selling.

Perhaps you carry men's designer

jeans that have extra pockets 

for carrying tools on a job site,

or maybe you have dress socks

made from water resistant material.

It is up to you to make your customers

aware of all the great features that your

merchandise has to offer.

It is important to know your customer

base, since you will want to talk

about the features that are of interest to

them. The fact that the jeans feature

double stitching might not

be of interest to them, but the fact that

they are preshrunk might be.

Online Fashion Marketing Tip#2

Explain the benefits of the fashion that

you have for sale.

Benefits are different than features.

A feature is simply a characteristic

of an item, but a benefit is what an

item provides to a person.

For example, the benefit of a

Tahari dress can be that it

will give a woman a very refined

and elegant appearance.

A benefit of a Coach handbag 

can be that it since it's attractive

it will draw attention to the

woman that carries it.

Benefits are based on the features

of the fashion, and can be direct

or indirect.

A direct benefit can be that a

Calvin Klein coat will keep someone

really warm during a cold winter,

and an indirect benefit can be the

social status that someone can enjoy

from wearing a Calvin Klein coat.

Status is probably one of the most

important benefits that brand name

and designer fashion can provide,

so make sure that you incorporate

it into your marketing strategies.

Think of all the teenagers that

desire brand name clothing

so that they can fit in with the

in crowd.

Image is a really big draw

that transcends all ages.

Online Fashion Marketing Tip#3

Use images to illustrate the beauty

of the fashion products that you

are selling.

I would strongly recommend that you

utilize professional images if possible.

If you look at eBay listings you

can clearly see the difference in

appeal of professional and amateur


I personally believe that

professional images create a much

better impression than the pictures

that look like they were taken

in someone's garage.

If you are going to take pictures

yourself there are a few steps

you can take to make your

pictures look more professional.

Use a clean background,

decorate the scenery, and

use a bright light.

You can also

opt to take the picture in

a setting that conveys the

image that you are trying to

create for your customers.

If you are trying to sell

office suits to professional women

then you might want to take

pictures of the suits in an office.

If you are selling beachwear then 

you might want to take pictures

of the beachwear by a swimming 

pool or ocean.

You can also use stock images if 

you have access to them and they

represent the type of products

that you are selling.

Online Fashion Marketing Tip#4

Your customers are going to

have questions. Try to anticipate these

questions and write your product descriptions

based on the answers to those


The more information that you provide

to your customers, the higher your

sales will generally be.

Many people won't ask questions if they

are in doubt and will simply move

on to another product source,

so you need to try to answer

any questions that they might


Often you have only one opportunity

to convey your message to a

potential customer. You want to

have a very informative and educative

product description so that you

can maximize your chances of making

a sale to a shopper.

Online Fashion Marketing Tip#5

Take a video of your products and

post it online. You can

post the video right on your

website and upload it on YouTube.

There are also other video sharing

websites that you can upload your

video to.

I have used this strategy and

it's definitely helped me

convey the high quality

of the wholesale products

that I sell.

You can see one of my videos

by visiting this link:

I would recommend that you personally appear

on the videos, this way your customers

can meet you and see who they are doing

business with.

It's understandable

that people can be hesitant

to make a purchase online from people

that they don't know.

If they can see you

and decide that they are comfortable buying 

from you, you will have a much better chance of

making a sale.

When it comes to taking a video you will

also want it to look professional, but

it's okay to present yourself as you are,

meaning that you should convey your

personality as you would in person.

If you dress in a particular way, or

have unique mannerisms, it's okay

for people to see that. 

You want people to realize that you

are a friendly and approachable person

so that they will be encouraged to shop

by you.