I would like to share with you these 15 sources

where you can products at below wholesale prices.

You might have explored some of these based

on your level of experience, while others are definitely

not traditional, so they might surprise you.

The main idea is for you to obtain products

at below wholesale prices, so the place

where you are buying them is secondary to

your primary goal.

Wholesale Source #1

Brands. The brands themselves

will often have below wholesale pricing

on the items that they were not able to sell

or simply had too much of. Many brands from

Tahari to Calvin Klein to R&M Richards need to

liquidate excess merchandise and clear out

past season products. If you are a serious

buyer you can possibly get some really good

below wholesale deals.

Wholesale Source #2

Designers. Even the best designers

will sometimes meet market resistance for their

newest creations. Or perhaps the designer

produced too many dresses of a certain style

and now needs to find a buyer for them.

Get in touch with designers and

find out what deals you can make with them.

Wholesale Source #3

Factories. Clothing factories will often produce

merchandise in anticipation of future sales.

When those future sales do not materialize

they will need to liquidate that clothing. Factories

can also have clothing from cancelled orders

which they need to sell.

Wholesale Source #4

Department store overstock. You would be

surprised at the quantity of merchandise that

department stores liquidate every week. Department

stores buy a great deal of merchandise because

they want to have stores full of merchandise so

that they can attract customers. But since they

have so much merchandise they realistically

will not be able to sell it all and therefore

must liquidate it.

Wholesale Source #5

Online retailers. Online retailers

get a large amount of returns from

their customers for various reasons.

You can purchase those returns

at a fraction of the original 

wholesale price.

Wholesale Source #6

Department store returns.

This is merchandise which customers

bought at a department store

and decided to return it. The department

store cannot sell it as new so it will be

liquidated. Be aware that store return

merchandise can range in condition from

brand new to damaged.

Wholesale Source #7

Closeout warehouses. A closeout

warehouse will specialize in buying

and selling closeout products

at below wholesale prices. Since the

type of merchandise can change often

you should visit closeout warehouses

on a regular basis.

Wholesale Source #8

Importers are a great source of

below wholesale merchandise. From

time to time an importer will bring in

a product which he cannot sell. You can

then make a below wholesale offer 

for that merchandise.

Wholesale Source #9

Auctions. You can go to auctions

in which merchandise is being

auctioned off on behalf of 

closed businesses, landlords,

storage facilities, and government

agencies. It is very possible to

purchase merchandise at extremely

low prices at auctions, but it's also

possible to get carried away in the bidding,

so be careful.

Wholesale Source #10

Going out of business sales.

If a business is closing its doors

its owners will accept any reasonable

offer for the merchandise since they

are no longer planning on being in


Wholesale Source #11

Garage sales. The merchandise can

be brand new or slightly used. Garage sale

sellers are usually just looking

to get rid of unwanted products, which

means that you might be able to buy

those products at below wholesale prices.

Wholesale Source #12

Flea market vendors. You can visit a 

flea market and offer to purchase merchandise

from vendors that no longer want to continue

selling at the flea market, or are having a challenging

time selling their merchandise.

Wholesale Source #13

Liquidation sales. When a large retail chain is

closing its doors a liquidator will be

hired to liquidate the contents of the store.

You would be surprised at some of the low

prices that you will be able to find. But you do

need to be aware that the liquidators can bring

in merchandise to sell specifically for the sale.

Make sure the liquidation price is really lower

than what you would pay elsewhere. 

Wholesale Source #14

Thrift stores can be an excellent

source for below wholesale prices.

Most of the items are donated

so whatever price the thrift store

sells the merchandise can give them

a profit.

Wholesale Source #15

Online clearance sales. You

would be pleasantly surprised

at how low the prices are

on brand name and designer

merchandise during online clearance sales.

Be ready to act quickly since the quantities

are usually limited.

Before buying any merchandise make sure

to do your research so that you know

that you are really getting a good deal

on the merchandise.