Whether you are about to open

your first store, or have

owned a 20 store chain for

the last decade, you know that you

need a steady base of customers

to succeed in retail.

The reality is that you always

need to attract new customers

since it would not be prudent

to only rely on your existing 

customer base. Your customers

might move to another city,

change their minds about the

fashions that they like, or

simply stop buying for

another reason.

While I have customers

that have been purchasing

from my wholesale business for years,

I also have had customers that have 

closed their stores and left

the business.

Just like stores open and close

for many reasons,

people also start and stop

buying for many reasons.

Therefore, I always need to be focused on 

attracting new customers, as

well as an ensuring that my

current customers are satisfied with

my products.

And the truth is that every customer
that I have was once a new customer,
which illustrates the importance of
developing a connection with new

The same concept applies to a

retail fashion store.

You need to work on attracting

new customers as well as 

ensuring that your current

customers are happy buying

from you.

Since you will always

want to draw in new and current

shoppers to your shop, it is crucial

that you have promotion strategies

that can help you accomplish this goal.

I would like to share with you

12 ways you can promote your

fashion store.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#1

Give a free class at your local library,

school, or other nonprofit organization.

The free class should be related to the

products that you sell in your store.

For example, if you sell ballgown dresses

in your fashion store you can give a

class on how to select the best ballgown

dresses for any occasion.

The idea is to give a class that really

will help people. If the attendees like

the information that you provide

they will then consider visiting your store.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#2

Publish a newsletter and distribute it

to local restaurants, gas stations, and


The newsletter should have articles

related to the products that you

sell, since you want people

to read the publication and be

interested in what you for sale,

as well as advertisements

for your shop.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#3

Give out business cards for your shop to

every person that you interact with.

You would be surprised at how many 

people you actually interact with

in a given week.

If you count

every person that you

interact with, from the cashier at

your local grocery store to the bank teller

to the people that you see at the gym,

you are likely meeting hundreds of

potential customers every month.

Even if they aren't customers for the products

that you sell, they might have relatives

and friends that are.

I try to get into the habit of

giving out business cards to every person

that I meet. I never know who just might

have a relative or friend who has a store,

or is about to open a store.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#4

Mail out postcards to homes in the vicinity

of your business. There are printers

that can print postcards for literally pennies.

You can have them mailed out

or distributed locally.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#5

Have flyers distributed to homes 

in the neighborhood that your

business is located in.

Make sure that you hire a

distributor that has good references.

You want to ensure that the

flyers will be distributed

to the number of homes that

they say they will.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#6

Set up a joint venture with another

retailer that caters to the same

customer base that you do.

For example, if your fashion store

sells women's brand name shoes

you should look for a shoe repair shop.

You can both then send customers to each other's

business since it is in your interest

and that of the shoe repair shop owner's 

to share customers.

People who purchase shoes can need

repairs, and those who are getting their

shoes repaired can need new shoes.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#7

Set up marketing arrangements with

local retailers. 

For instance, you can exchange coupons,

postcards, and business cards, with 

local retailers in your area.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#8

Give out free pizza boxes with

an advertisement for your business

to pizza stores.

Think about all the pizza boxes that

your local pizza shop uses.

They can easily be spending

hundreds of dollars a month

on the boxes that they use.

You will save them that money

by providing them with the

boxes that they need, and you

will benefit since their customers

will see an ad for your store

on the boxes.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#9

Provide shopping bags with an advertisement

to your shop to other stores.

Provided that you aren't a competitor to those

stores they will be happy to

receive free shopping bags which they

can then give out to their customers

when they make a sale.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#10

Host an exciting and interesting event at 

your shop. 

The more fun the event is the more

people will come, and the more

people will come to the next

event that you host. In addition, if the

event is really good it can get plenty

of media attention, which in turn will

help publicize your store.

You can invite a local author to

read a chapter from her book,

have a poetry contest, put on

a puppet show, run a carnival,

have an eating contest, host

an educational forum, and more.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#11

Post ads for your products in publications

and websites that accept free classified ads.

Craigslist is an example of a website

where you can post free ads for the products

that your store carries.

The idea is to generate traffic to your store.

Once someone visits your store they can purchase

the item you advertised, plus other items

that they see when they visit.

Fashion Store Promotion Tip#12

Write fashion articles for local newspapers,

fashion magazines, and fashion websites.

You should place the

contact information for your store

at the bottom of the articles.

I would recommend setting up

a website so that you can have

a link to it at the bottom of the article.

This way people can easily go online

and get more information, such as your

address, hours, and product selection.