Retailers that sell volume can benefit by buying truckloads of wholesale merchandise. While some businesses do not require a lot of merchandise, others require massive quantities, such as discount store chains, Amazon FBA sellers, and exporters.

Since not all wholesalers are ready to sell that amount of merchandise and very few sell good quality merchandise to companies or retailers, we have narrowed down a list of 10 wholesalers that sell truckloads of merchandise to companies and retailers.

1. EagleTrade Group

The EagleTrade Group is an expert in wholesale distribution, with its professionalism and quality brand selection one of the best in the wholesale industry. Its wholesale clothing depicts a blend of latest style and private, national or international brands. It sells truckloads or pallets of clothes, shoes, bicycles and accessories to over 47 countries around the world.

The company also grades the material in accordance to its quality and take out any material that is unwearable or unrepairable.

2. Close Out Store

With its reasonable price and approachability, Close Out Store delivers over 25,000 goods of high-quality to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The store takes pride in its selection of merchandise and sells merchandise by the truckload, as well as pallets.

The store offers additional help in guiding customer to products that are in demand and may have a higher profit margin. The store can be contacted through phone ((323) 604-8874) or by mail ( to place orders.

3. KMT Hardgoods

The KMT Hard goods General Merchandise Truckload offers a blend of merchandise and products like toys, housewares, kitchenware, sport goods, furniture, electronics, hardware, tools, gifts and supplies for school, health and beauty aids and much more.

4. H Depot

The merchandise sold by H Depot in truckloads includes tools, hardware, electrical products, outdoor equipment, plumbing material, garden items and much more. This general merchandise truckload provides almost every tool that you’ll ever need. They, however, do not provide paint or materials for building (To contact, call 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)).

5. KHL’s Houseware

The KHL Houseware offers quite a great variety of items that include organizational supplies, domestic items, bakeware, glassware, furniture, storage and much more.

6. Staples

Office furniture and supplies are readily available at Staples. The wholesaler provides unused, unopened or damaged goods to buyers who need them (to contact, call 800-333-3330).

7. Groupon

Groupon, having a large base of customers that buy at impulse and then return it, has the cleanest products sold in the wholesale industry. The manifested loads offer trendy electronics, unopened gifts and other items like tablets and domestics.

8. Costco

Clean returns of products are sold by the Costco Wholesale Club by the truckload. Items include domestic goods, electronics, baby goods, camera products etc.


Order cancellations, changes, returns and everything else that is overstocked can be bought from at wholesale rate in a truckload. Variety of products that are included are: apparel, health and beauty, lawn and garden supplies, housewares, cook wares and everything else that Walmart sells.

If you need the products, you may email them at the Walmart Auction Liquidation website.


With manifested truckloads, provides almost everything it sells in wholesale. Household appliances, kitchen ware, baby products, and home décor – they have it all here and can provide truckloads of them!

So, if you need a truckload of wholesale delivered, do give them a call!