10 Wholesale Clothing Sellers In Trinidad

1. Hernandez Tailors:

Hernandex Tailors is located at 104 Charlotte St., POS; Trinidad. This company operates in the clothing industry and you have the opportunity to purchase wholesale clothes.

Phone: +1-868 623-8683

2. East Caribbean Industries Ltd:

The company is found at 47 Tissue Dr., Trincity Ind., Est., Trincity. It operates in the clothing industry of the Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation area. Buy wholesale clothes from this company and save some money.

Phone: +1-868 640-2384

3. Aziz Joseph & Sons:

This company is located at 31 Charlotte St., POS in Trinidad and Tobago. This clothing company will help you buy affordable wholesale clothes.

Phone: +1-868 623-9691

4. Three Star Sportswear (Rossi) Ltd:

Three Star Sportswear Rossi Ltd is one of the best wholesale clothing companies in Trinidad and Tobago. The company operates in the clothing industry with several categories of items to purchase. It is located at 50 Boundary Rd., San Juan where customers can have access to buy the best wholesale clothes available. Found in the San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation area, the company have been serving customers in Trinidad and nearby countries.

Phone: +1868-638-2170

5. Tru-Fit Garment Factory Ltd:

When looking for wholesale clothes in Trinidad and Tobago, look no further than Tru-Fit Garment Factory Ltd. This amazing company is located at Century Dr., Trincity Industrial Estate. It also operates in the Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation area for you to buy top-notch wholesale clothes.

Email: trufit@opus.co.tt

Fax: +1868-645-7285

Phone: +1868-662-4810

6. Zoom Caribbean:

The Zoom Caribbean is a popular wholesale clothing company in Trinidad and Tobago. If you are looking for quality wholesale clothes at a fraction of the cost, then give the Zoom Caribbean a try. Located at El Socorro Ext Rd No 1, El Socorro, the Zoom Caribbean is able to serve both clients within the area and its environs.

Phone: +1868-638-7873

7.Torry Hosein Exclusive:

Just as the name implies, you will find exclusive wholesale clothes when visiting this company. Torry Hosein Exclusive is located at Gulf City Complex, La Romain in Trinidad and Tobago. One amazing thing about this company is that you can find affordable wholesale clothes, time and again. Irrespective of your budget, Torry Hoein Exclusive will help you find and buy cheap clothes.

Phone: +1868-657-9636

8. Yufe's Chain Of Fabric Stores:

This is one of the best clothing wholesalers to find in Trinidad and Tobago with the biggest store. It is beautifully located at El Socorro Ext.Rd., San Juan. This wholesaler deals on a plethora of fabrics and customers have the opportunity to select clothing of their desire. It primarily operates in San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation as the main base.

Phone: +1868-675-5146

9. Elgee Investments Ltd:

Elgee Investments Ltd is a huge distributor and wholesaler of fabrics and clothing materials. This wholesaler is located at Tradezone El Socorro, Ext.Road, San Juan in Trinidad. This is one of the biggest wholesalers to find in the San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation area.

Fax: +1868-675-7376

Phone: +1868-674-7038

10. Allister Kistow Creators:

This wholesale is located at Ramlal Trace Plum Mitan Sangre Grande, 100 Trinidad and Tobago. It specializes in fabrics and other clothing materials.

Phone: +1868-382-6592