You can use the following 10 strategies

to sell more wholesale dresses. Although some

of these strategies might not be available

to you based on your location, I still believe

that the idea behind them can be applied 

by you to create your own sales strategy.

The key is to modify and implement 

these wholesale dress selling approaches

so that they make sense to your

customer base.

With any marketing strategy, you first

need to know your customers. You need to

know where you can find your customers,

what they base their buying decisions on,

and what the most important factors

to them, examples: price, brand, style, etc.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #1

Craigslist is an ideal place to sell

wholesale dresses through. It's free to

create an ad, you can upload pictures,

and you can place as many ads as

you would like. Browsers can also

see what other ads you have posted.

To maximize the number of potential

customers you will want to create

as many ads as possible for the

different wholesale dresses that you

are selling.

This way a shopper might come across

your ad for a red Nine West dress,

and click one of your ads and end

up purchasing a black Tahari dress

which you also have for sale.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #2

eBay is a fantastic way to position your

wholesale dresses in front of millions

of potential customers. The key to succeeding

with eBay is to use as many descriptive keywords

as possible while using professional level pictures

of your dresses.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #3

Set up your own dress wholesale

dress website. This way you

can have a central place through

which you can market your

fashion, as well as build a 

client base as you develop

a good reputation among online


Once you have your own website set

up you can start marketing it through

Google Adwords and Facebook pay per click ads.

I would recommend that you

have a form through which shoppers

can submit their contact information.

This way you can follow up with them

and hopefully continue to sell them more

wholesale dresses in the future.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #4

Post your dress on your Facebook page.

Chances are that your social media posts

are already being seen by hundreds, if not

thousands, of people. You can take

advantage of this great marketing opportunity

by showcasing your dresses on your wall.

When one of your friends "Likes"

one of your posts, their friends will be notified

as well. And if they share your post

on their wall, then their friends will

also see your post in which you

discuss the dresses that you

have available.

You want to increase your chances of your

posts going viral by taking fun pictures

and using a catchy or daring fashion description.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #5

Set up a home sales party. You can invite

your friends, coworkers, and relatives over.

This way they will be happy to purchase

brand name dresses from someone 

that they know, and you will have the

opportunity to use a soft sales approach

in your dress business.

This approach requires that you

genuinely maintain a fun and positive

atmosphere. People will be attending your

home party primarily for social reasons.

Once they are at your party they

might decide to purchase one of your

brand name dresses, but remember that

they are coming there to enjoy themselves


Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #6

Set up a fundraising event at a local school or

nonprofit organization. You can sell your

dresses at their premises, or through their

website, or even through a mailing that they

make, in exchange for giving them a percentage

of your sales.

Basically you are asking them to help you

sell your dresses, and in exchange you

will be sharing some of the profits with them.

It's a win-win situation for everyone if done right.

The reason why a fundraising approach can work is

because people like supporting schools and nonprofit

organizations which they care about. You are giving

people an easy way to support the institution, while

at the same time you will be selling your


You can even have the students or members

of the organization sell your dresses in exchange

for prizes. I am sure you have seen many schools

use this approach to raise funds.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #7

Set up a booth at a local flea market.

Flea markets are great places to sell

wholesale dresses, since you can sell them

to shoppers, as well as to other flea market


I have personally sold at flea markets

and was able to both retail and wholesale

merchandise at the same time.

I would recommend that you 

buy a few portable racks,

since the presentation of the

dresses will be crucial in a 

flea market business. You

want shoppers to see that your

dresses are brand new.

Before becoming a flea market

vendor in any flea market you

will want to visit it as a shopper.

This way you can evaluate the competition

and the customers that shop there.

You want to make sure that there

are flea market shoppers there that

are interested in purchasing dresses.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #8

You can open up your boutique, whether you

do it in a commercial brick and mortar location,

online, or in your garage. If you live on

a busy road you can hang up a sign outside

of your house informing people of

your home based business.

If you do open a boutique make sure

that you have a good wholesale source

for merchandise. You will need to be

able to replenish your fashion inventory

as you sell it, so make sure that you

can always purchase more

wholesale fashion merchandise when you

need it.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #9

Run a garage sale. This is a great approach

for you if you are looking to sell wholesale

dresses while holding down a full job or running

a business. 

You can also hold garage sales on a regular basis

this way people in your neighborhood will become

accustomed to visiting your garage sale to

see what new wholesale products you have available.

Wholesale Dress Sales Strategy #10

You can give your dresses to a consignment shop.

They will sell the clothing that you give them

in exchange for a commission. 

You want to find a really busy consignment shop

so that you maximize your chances of

quickly selling the dresses that you

are consigning to them. 

When choosing a consignment shop to work

with you are going to want to look

at the other merchandise which they

have for sale. If your dresses are by high

end designers then you will want to select

a shop that already carries designer fashions.

The reason is because you want to ensure that

the shop is already attracting the type of

customers that can be interested in your