Buying the right wholesale products is
half the challenge, selling those products
is the other half of the challenge.

You need to have a solid strategy in place
to efficiently sell your wholesale products
so that you can maximize your potential
profits while turning over the merchandise 
as quickly as possible.

Below are 10 ways to increase your retail sales.

Before we go into them I would like to advise
you that you should always seek to personalize the
information that I share with you, or that 
anyone shares with you for that matter.
What I mean by that is that you want to
absorb the advice, and then take your time
in analyzing how you can apply the ideas
to your specific business.

If you need any guidance on how to do this
you are welcome to contact me and I will
try my best to help you.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #1

Launch a loyalty program for your
business. A loyalty program rewards
customers for returning to shop at your
store, website, warehouse, or flea market
booth. Your loyalty program should be designed
so that it offers shoppers a compelling reason to
buy the products that they need at your
business. You want to create a 
program that has good enough rewards
to encourage customers to shop by you,
even when there is another retailer or
wholesaler that might be slightly more
convenient to shop at. Your loyalty program
can be based on giving you free bonuses
or additional discounts, or another creative idea.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #2

Set up a membership club.
This is similar to the idea of a 
loyalty program, although it differs
in one main respect, and that is
that it seeks to form an exclusive
relationship between the seller
and buyer. A membership club will
offer benefits to its members that
are not available elsewhere. The aim
is to motivate shoppers to do all their
fashion buying at your business. You
can either charge a membership fee or
offer a free membership, but in my opinion
you will have a higher level of commitment
from customers if they paid for their

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #3

Reward customers for bringing in other customers.
The idea behind this strategy is to encourage
customers to do your marketing for you. 
Imagine if every single customer that you
have would bring a few people with them
when they visit your business. You could quickly see
your sales soar.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #4

Sponsor a local sports team, sporting event,
cultural event, etc.
You will create a great deal of
goodwill and attract customers by
sponsoring a team or event that your prospective
customers care about. Think about all the
advertising you will receive every time the
name of your business is seen in connection with the
team or event that you are sponsoring. 

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #5

Invite a local celebrity, sports figure, or politician
to your business. You can get a lot of exposure 
for your store in the media if you send out
a press release announcing that a famous person
will be at your shop. You can then take a picture
or video of the event and use it to market your
business in the future. Having a famous person
at your business is also a great way to show people
that he or she likes your business. People like shopping
by businesses that are patronized by famous individuals
that they look up to and admire.
Imagine if a well known actress purchased
Tahari dresses by your dress store, could you
see how many people would want to
also purchase Tahari dresses by your dress shop?

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #6

Run sales tied in to a famous event or trend.
For instance, if a local sports team just
won a championship you can run a sale
as appreciation for the win by the team.
Or if there is a issue people are really concerned
about, such as hunger, you can offer
to donate a portion of a sale's proceeds to
a local food bank.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #7

Call your current and prospective customers
and invite them to visit your business. There are many
reasons why people don't visit a business, and some
of them are as simple as that they might
have forgeten the address
of the store. Or perhaps they
didn't initially find what they were
looking for at your store. By calling
your current and prospective
customers you can encourage them
to visit your store again. To make this
possible I would recommend that you
always write down the contact information
of everyone that visits your business.
If you have an online fashion business
I would recommend that you
have a form through which visitors
can submit their contact details. You
might want to ask them for their
email address only in an online form,
since people might be reluctant to share
their phone number with someone that they
don't know.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #8

Frequently introduce new wholesale products.
Shoppers like seeing new products, and will
patronize businesses that have new 
merchandise on a regular basis. I know that this
strategy can be challenging, especially if you
are still working on selling your current inventory,
or if you are working on a limited budget.
It is really important to always bring in new items,
so if your wholesale buying
budget is limited you can either buy a small quantity of a new product
or look for inexpensive items which you
can use to attract people to your business.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #9

Look for wholesale closeout merchandise.
In my opinion the best way to be able to
offer your customers brand name products
at below wholesale prices is by buying
closeouts. You can find closeouts by
visiting closeout warehouses, calling brands
directly, and by visiting clearance sales at
department stores.

Increase Your Retail Sales Tip #10

Scale your marketing. If you see that
a specific marketing strategy is working for you,
then you need to focus your resources and 
time into scaling up that marketing tool. 
If you see that people are responding your
YouTube videos then you need to spend more
time making more videos.
The key is to analyze what is working for you
and then devoting more energy to maximizing
the benefits of that tool. You might get to a point
where you need to hire someone to increase the
implementation of that marketing tool, but if its
working for you then it should be worthwhile to do it.
There are websites such as Fiveer through which
you can hire a freelancer to help you market your
fashion business.