Are you looking to sell wholesale merchandise to high end boutiques in New York?

After all, what is New York best known for besides boutique fashion.
However, one downside to wholesale selling in New York is its great competition. If you don’t know what stores to market your deals to, and don't know the showrooms, then you may find yourself wandering around aimlessly not quite making the wholesale sales that you want to do.

For this reason we’ve decided to put together a shopping guide of the 10 New York Women’s Boutique Label Showrooms that you must visit while in New York. We’ve based our guide on some of the top recommended shopping locations, as determined by New York based fashion bloggers and stylists.


If you find yourself in the Brooklyn side of New York then you simply must stop at a boutique called Bird. This is a boutique label only showroom that boasts three locations in the Brooklyn area. Known for their trendy, indie styles and unique offerings.


Located in the renown New York neighbourhood of Chelsea, Story is one part fashion boutique and showroom and one part unique fashion showcase experience. Every couple of weeks the Story showroom is closed temporarily, and the entire theme of the store is transformed. Guest fashion curators are invited in to help with the new display.

Dover Street Market

Anyone who is looking for a high fashion shopping experience with fantastic deals on genuine brand name labels should head to Murray Hill in New York. This is where you go when you want to get brand name items at a discounted price. However, many of the items sold at the Dover Street Market are still quite expensive.


If you consider yourself someone who is “fashion forward” then the Kith New York boutique is for you. They have an amazing selection of incredibly unique items with family friendly options suitable for the most fashionably sophisticated man, women or child.


Frankie, is one of the favourite indie boutiques that you can visit in New York. They carry a variety of unique, but still attainable fashion items designed by only the best up and coming labels. Catering to the youthful career woman, Frankie is the perfect place to find a signature piece to round out your wardrobe.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks fifth avenue is a world renown shopping destination in New York. This 10-floor department store, carries the best boutique label styles and all of the popular brand names. Anyone visiting New York should certainly check out this landmark destination.

Loveday 31

The neighbourhood of Astoria New York is very quickly becoming the latest area of the city to be revitalized. If you find yourself in Astoria, you should not miss the opportunity to check out Loveday 31 consignment vintage shop that carries vintage designer items.


Another boutique that carries attainable up and coming boutique labels is O.N.A. This shop carries popular brand names like Olive & Oak and Blank Jeans. They also have some newer up and coming indie fashion designs in store.


Are you someone who likes to “mix it up” up when it comes to fashion? If you do, then Mixology is the place to shop. They carry all of the latest fashion items at affordable prices. Comparable to Forever 21 or H&M, Mixology is all about creating unforgettable signature looks without brand name prices.

Space Ninety 8

The last destination on our guide to the best shopping in New York is Space Ninety 8. This is where you’ll find the most original shopping experience in the city, especially if you love to browse and treasure hunt for unique items. What makes the shopping at Space Ninety 8 one of a kind is the fact that it is a multi-floor marketplace, decked out with a restaurant and a record shop as well as tons of shopping options.