The closeout business is definitely

about connections.

You can be the most ambitious

entrepreneur, but if you don't

know how to find closeout deals

you simply won't have merchandise

to sell.

Selling can be just as

challenging, but at least you can always

advertise your products online

to potential buyers.

But it can be a lot more

difficult to find closeout


Although there

are many closeout products

advertised online, you want to

find the closeout deals

that are not widely advertised.

These are the type of deals

that you can hit a home run with.

To find these closeout deals you

will need to implement a system

that can help you make real connections

with the players in the closeout industry.

As a closeout supplier that interacts

with many other closeout sellers,

I can tell you that I am surprised at how

many closeout sellers are

not marketing their merchandise online.

Many closeout sellers have

been in business since before the

advent of the Internet. They are

still accustomed to doing

business the old fashioned way

by either calling or

visiting in person their network of contacts.

And even when some closeout

sellers set up websites, 

they don't list all of their

deals online.

I personally believe in embracing

technology, which is why I use

YouTube videos, websites, and

email lists. But as they say, to

each their own.

The reality is that many of these

closeout sellers only

buy and sell merchandise offline.

This practically means that if you

want to be able to purchase

merchandise from them

you will need to find a way to 

connect with them in person.

I would like to share with

you 8 tips for connecting

to closeout industry insiders.

Closeout Connection Tip#1

Have a clear sense of direction.

You want to have practical objectives

so that you can actually stay focused

on your goal to make connections

with closeout insiders.

Your practical objective might

be to find a closeout broker

that specializes in American brand

name clothes.

Your objective must be concise

and clear so that you will

be able to stay on course.

Closeout Connection Tip#2

Bring something to the table.

Think about it, if you want to

develop a connection with a

closeout seller you will want

to be able to offer something of

value as well.

Anytime two people become

engaged in a business relationship

it needs to be mutually beneficial

so that it lasts.

So what can you bring to the table?

You can bring your ability to purchase

merchandise, your market research,

and your marketing abilities.

Remember, many closeout sellers

are not especially savvy when it comes

to Internet marketing. If you are, then you

can bring something of immense value to

the business relationship.

Closeout Connection Tip#3

Be appreciative. 

I know this piece of advice sounds

more like it belongs in a relationship

advice column, but it's just as important

in the business world.

If you meet a closeout supplier,

and she introduces you to another

supplier, make sure to be thankful.

First of all it's the right thing to do,

and second of all, people

that feel appreciated are 

more likely to help you again.

Closeout Connection Tip#4

See how you can help these

closeout insiders.

I think this is good advice for

any area of life, as well as for

the closeout industry. 

The more you help people,

the better the quality of your

relationships will be with people.

I think this is about showing

people that you do business with

that you also care about them

as people, not just as business associates.

Closeout Connection Tip#5

Attend closeout trade shows.

Closeout vendors from all over the

world attend closeout trade shows.

You can make a tremendous amount

of connections by visiting these shows.

Two of the most popular shows are the

ASD Las Vegas Show and the

Off Price Show in Las Vegas.

When attending these shows I

would recommend arriving ready to

make a purchase. 

The vendors are ready to sell their

merchandise and can offer you

some amazing closeout deals

if you are ready to buy.

And in general, closeout sellers

want to see that they

are dealing with serious buyers.

Closeout Connection Tip#6

Make connections for people

in the closeout business.

If you can connect people to each other

you will be appreciated and be

seen as a tremendous resource

in the closeout business.

You can also develop great contacts

for yourself as you work

to connect closeout sellers with

buyers, and other vendors,

such as shipping companies,

warehouse operators, and 

fulfillment centers.

The idea is to facilitate

connections for closeout dealers

so that they turn to you

when they need to make a new


You can even earn a nice

commission by putting people together,

or make money by reselling 

merchandise that you discover along the way.

Closeout Connection Tip#7

Use social media to your advantage.

You simply never know who will

see one of your posts and tell you

about a closeout deal that is available, or

about a buyer looking for closeout 


I have purchased some good closeout

products that came as a result of

my Facebook posts, as well as 

made some sales to people that

heard of my closeout business through

my social media activity.

Closeout Connection Tip#8

Stay in touch with your contacts.

I sincerely hope that your efforts

yield good results for you.

But if you don't stay in touch with

your contacts then you can potentially

miss out on 90% of the benefits of

having a business relationship with them.

You might make a great connection

with a closeout warehouse that has the perfect

deal for you, but it only becomes

available 3 months after

you made the connection.

If you stay in touch with the closeout warehouse

then you will know about the deal.

And if you don't, well, then you will

simply miss out unless they remember you.

So as you can see, it's crucial to

keep the connection alive with the

people that you meet in the process

of developing your business.