I would like to share with you

7 easy, or I should say, relatively

easy ways to sell wholesale products

using viral marketing.

Viral marketing is powerful.

It has the potential to literally reach

over a billion people, especially

when you consider the viral reach

that social media sites like 

YouTube and Facebook have.

If you have ever seen an

article or video repeatedly shared

on Facebook, you have personally

seen the power of viral marketing.

Viral marketing refers to the

spreading of a message

in a similar way that a virus


Each person shares the message

with the next person, who

in turn shares the message with the

next person, and so on.

Recently a political article was

shared with over 500,000 people

in a matter of days before the

article was discovered to be


Now imagine if instead of a political

article, your marketing message

was shared 500,000 times.

Can you imagine how many 

wholesale products you

could potentially sell if

500,000 people saw your

marketing message?

But the big question is

how to create and 

promote a message that

becomes viral.

And it has to be a

marketing message that

is ultimately designed to

sell your wholesale products.

Although this type of

marketing can bring you

millions worth of free advertising,

it has to be done right

in order for it to be effective.

Remember, people have to

feel compelled to share your

article, picture, or video.

I would like to share with

you 7 tips that can help you

create and promote

an "ad" that could potentially

be shared by thousands and thousands

of prospective customers.

Viral Marketing Tip #1

Publish a video, article, 

or picture, that can appeal

to your prospective


If you are a dress retailer

you might want to create a post

that shows a famous politician

wearing a brand name dress

that you offer for sale in your dress


Or, if you sell handbags online

and see an interesting article

concerning one of the brands

that you sell, you can write

a review of that article and

start sharing it online.

This way people that find the

article interesting will

read it and share it with their friends.

Make sure that your contact information

is on your post.

Viral Marketing Tip #2

Create a funny comic strip

that somehow relates to the

wholesale products that you

are selling.

People love humor, and will share

your funny comic strip, especially

if they are looking to cheer themselves

and their friends up.

Make sure the name of your website is

on the comic strip.

Viral Marketing Tip #3

Take a video of a person

using one of your

wholesale products in

an innovative or distinct


Not only will you give people

new ideas for how to use your

products, but if the video

is really interesting or entertaining,

they might share it with their


Viral Marketing Tip #4

When you start posting your

marketing messages make sure

that you request people to share


All of the social media websites

provide you with free html code

that you can place on your marketing


When someone clicks on the code,

which usually appears in the form

of a button or link, the message can

then be shared on their Facebook walls,

by text message, by Twitter, or by email.

Many of my YouTube videos

are shared on other people's 

websites, helping my closeout

business reach more prospective


Viral Marketing Tip #5

Hire a social media star.

While this option can be relatively

expensive, it should be worth considering.

A social media star is someone

that has a large following online,

and can spread a message to literally

millions of people.

Although the most popular

social media stars can

effectively reach millions of people,

you can also find people that

have a smaller reach, but perhaps

more targeted.

For example, if you

are selling brand name Tahari

women's suits, you would

want to find a social media

star that has a following of

women that work in corporate


Or, if you are selling 

men's designer neckties, then you will

want to find someone that has

a strong following among men

that wear neckties.

It's not simply about the total

reach, it's more

about reaching the right people

that are interested in your wholesale


Remember, messages become

viral because they entertain

or inform, so you cannot

simply publish an advertisement

for your clothing and expect it

to go viral.

Having said that, many of the

Super Bowl commercials

do go viral, even though they

clearly are product ads,

because they do a good job

of entertaining people.

Viral Marketing Tip #6

Some of the best commercials

that have been spoken

about and discussed

by thousands of people

have been by apparel companies

such as Nike, Dolce & Gabbana,

and American Apparel.

A controversial ad definitely

has the potential to spread

the word about your

wholesale merchandise,

but it can also create a

backlash, so you need to

tread carefully if you want

to create a social media message

using controversy.

Viral Marketing Tip #7

Connect your marketing message

to a popular trend, event, or


For example, let's say there

is a big debate in the news

regarding an upcoming

musical event.

Some people feel that

the event will boost the local

economy, while other people

feel it will interrupt the tranquility

that the city enjoys.

You might write an article

or create a video in which you

express your opinion about the benefits

and disadvantages of hosting 

your city hosting the musical festival.

You would end your article

or video by sharing information

about yourself, including the

contact information for your


Or, you can write an

informative article about the

musical festival, while at

the same time expressing that

you sell clothing that will

appeal to the festival attendees. 

While I am sure you have

a good opinion about many subjects,

remember to also plug your

business, since after all your

aim is for people to buy

your wholesale merchandise.